4 Ways to Overcome Panic Attacks – You Must Know

overcome panic attacksOvercoming panic attacks can be solve in four simple ways but before we do that let us define what a panic attack is. The first thing to remember is that a panic attack is not an illness. There is no medicine or pill that can cure this, instead it is a behavior problem that you can control. You also need to remember that everybody has fearful or negative thoughts and it all depends on how you respond to it. Overcome panic attacks.

4 Ways to Overcome Panic Attacks

It becomes a panic attack when you let that fear control you and it results in mental and physical discomfort like feeling sweaty or faint. What’s important is how you respond to this in order for you to overcome panic attacks.

Here is what you need to do to overcome panic attacks.1. Face the panic attacks head on. The first thing to do is to face  and acknowledge your panic attacks. Instead of ignoring and resisting your panic attacks, face your fears. I know you may not like this after all, you are looking ways to end your panic attacks, but believe me that the more you face them, the easier for you to overcome panic attacks.

Welcome those fears instead of ignoring them or avoiding them, you can easily overcome panic attacks if you do.2. Observe your panic attacks. Once you start recognizing one coming, take notice of how you feel. Whatever the situation is, observe your panic attack and how it affects you.

Rationalize the situation and ask this important question.  Would this really affect me? For example, you have panic attacks whenever you ride an elevator. The fear of getting trap inside and plummeting to your death scares you a lot. This is what you should do, take an elevator ride, as you go inside the elevator take a deep breath and think to yourself. Would riding this elevator affect me in a negative way?

Remind yourself that millions of people take elevator rides every day and once in a while you hear about freak accidents,  what are the odds that  this would impact your life? Once you observe and rationalize your panic attacks it would be easier for you rationalize them. Remember that everybody has fears, the difference between people without anxiety problems and people who don’t have them is that they are able to rationalize their fears and not let those fearful thoughts control them.3. Be in control of your fear.

Do not let your fear control you. This is why you have panic attacks. You let your fear control your behavior. Tell yourself that you control yourself and that will help you begin to relax so you can overcome panic attacks. I know it’s easier said than done but it can help if you take a moment and get a hold of yourself. Take a deep breath first or repeat a mantra that will help you relax when you feel those panic attacks. Rationalize those fears and have control over them. It takes time and practice to do this but the more you do it the easier for you to get over your panic attacks.4. Move on.

This can be the easiest or hardest thing to do when dealing with panic attacks. It’s hard to have the mentality of getting through this panic attack, but it will come a lot sooner than you realize. After your panic attack, remind yourself that you don’t have to dwell on what just happened,  try to move on.  You’ll feel better and you’ll soon realize how fast it happened it took for you to overcome panic attacks, (the one you’ve just experienced). Remember that the first step is the hardest but once you do it, it can get easier.


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