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Best Skin Care for AllIf you have started noticing reddish pink streaks at places like your abdomen, thighs and breasts, a skin problem called stretch marks could be the reason. Ok, let’s face it: even if they are not harmful in any way nor even worth a lot of concern, they are frustrating for sure, especially for the ones who love to flaunt their skin in skimpy clothes. Best Skin Care for All.

Best Skin Care for All

Stretch marks are also quite common during the later phases of pregnancy; about 70% women get stretch marks.


Stretch marks appear in many shapes and colors. Typically, they are faint pink, gray or whitish in color and are of the shape of lightning bolts. Stretch marks can also sometimes resemble a vein burst under the skin. When they are generally seen under the abdomen, they resemble lightning bolts, but when they are found under other body parts like the thighs, breasts or the arms, the appearance is hairy in spite of the total absence of hair in those parts.

Causes of Stretch Marks

The most practical and common reason behind the formation of this skin condition is torn collagen. Collagen, a type of fibrous protein, is essential part of the skin of mammals and is responsible in giving the body tissues proper firmness and strength. It works with elastin to help the skin maintain proper elasticity such that the skin is neither very loose, nor very tight. When the skin is stretched to an extreme level like due to rapid weight gain, it is required to stretch to contain the overtly growing fats in the body. However, the skin cannot cope with the stretching and it tears, well, not literally, but the layers of skin break and so you see the change in the appearance of skin in the form of these stretch marks.

The reason why stretch marks do not disappear totally even after a lot of time is that the torn skin cannot be connected back. Some of the best known reasons for the cause of stretch marks are noted down:Pregnancy: Mostly, stretch marks appear on the abdominal regions, thighs and near the breasts in women after their pregnancy. The skin stretches massively due to the growth of the baby inside their belly. The stretching is naturally very extreme and so, the collagen below these areas or in the nearby regions supporting these areas loses the strength and starts breaking.

Excessive Weight Gain:

Rapid growth can also be accounted as one possible and common reason behind stretch marks. It can come as surprise to many who have only known pregnancy as the reason behind stretch marks. But people who have had their battles against huge weight gain and loss must understand this. Just like pregnancy, the skin stretches beyond normal limits during extreme weight gain. The outcome is similar as in the case of pregnancy – stretch marks.Diseases: Some diseases like cushing’s syndrome are also known to cause stretch marks. The difference is that in the case of one such disease, the skin all over the body gets such stretch marks and not just the affected regions. Sometimes, some chemicals in frequently used medicines can also cause stretch marks.

Nutritional Deficiency:

Deficiency in some essential minerals and vitamin in the body can also result in the loss of elasticity in the skin, thus causing stretch marks.Treatment of Stretch MarkTotal eradication of stretch marks is generally a very rare occurrence. The tore collagen cannot get connected as it was before the stretch marks appeared. Just as a piece of cloth cannot get connected back without stitches, once it is tore, the skin cannot regain its natural state. So, you should always remember that even if you take any over-the counter treatment for stretch marks, they would not disappear totally. But yes, there are ways in which you can have some recovery; there are ways which help in fading stretch marks, but will not make them disappear completely. Some known ways of treating stretch marks are:Lasers: Of all the known treatments for stretch marks, laser treatments are said to be the best. For newer stretch marks, special lasers called the pulsed dye lasers help in triggering the growth of collagen and so, the skin becomes elastic. Best Skin Care for All
For older stretch marks, excimer lasers are used which encourage the production of new melanin in the skin so that the area affected by stretch marks can match the nearby skin.Cosmetics: Some cosmetic products designed especially for the skin help in eradicating the stretch marks. The vitamins A and C along with glycolic acid in such products can increase the elasticity of the skin and thus improve its appearance.

Precautionary Measures

Though there are treatments available that can help you fight this skin condition once they start appearing, it is always better to prevent them. If they are limited just in their growing phases, they would be less difficult to work around. The following are some good ways to prevent stretch marks:
Gently rub some lukewarm olive oil on the growth regions like the abdomen and hips. This would help to increase the elasticity of those areas, thus limiting any occurrence of stretch marks.A mixture of an ounce of any oil from avocado, almond or jojoba with four to five drops of chamoline oil and seven to eight drops of lavender oil is a known recipe for making the skin extremely elastic so that it can cope with the extreme stretching of the skin. Best Skin Care for All
Calendula oil is also very effective due to its medicinal properties. Calendula oil can also be added to wheat germ oil and used to apply over the skin on a regular basis. Best Skin Care for All
Some other oils known for their medicinal properties helping the skin strengthen are cod liver oil, castor oil and flax seed oil.Cocoa butter can also help. Just rub it softly throughout the risk regions. Cocoa butter is absorbed in the skin very easily and so the moisture reaches to the deeper layers of the skin, making it supple and moisturized.
Drinking lot of water is also commonly advised. Though you apply any amount of moisture on the skin from the outside, the real moisture comes from within the body and so to keep the skin properly hydrated and thus properly elastic, you should drink a lot of water. Best Skin Care for All
The diet should also be taken proper care of while you know that the body is in the stage of extreme stretching. You should have a diet that is abundant in vitamins A, C and E. Best Skin Care for All
Stretch marks are quite distinct in their appearance when they are new. In general cases, they tend to faint as time passes. The reddish or pinkish lines slowly become faint and many times, become quite indistinct from the surrounding skin. But people who love to flaunt their bare skin in skimpy clothes or ladies who love to spend time around a pool in their swim suits could have tough times hiding these marks. Best Skin Care for All
Well, some women who have had stretch marks due to pregnancy take them as a sign of pride about their motherhood. If you are one such lady, you would not have to worry about their appearance. But if you do not like their appearance, it is totally your choice. What matters is the outlook towards it. In any case, it is definitely good to understand whether there are simple ways to make the skin appear normal. Some of the best known ways to hide stretch marks are noted below:
Sun tanners are preferred by many as a way to cover stretch marks or make them less visible. But it should be known that stretch marks are very less prone to sun tanning. So, you might take up sun tanners to make the stretch marks less visible and end up burning your skin instead due to over tanning.
You can choose cosmetics that have the ability to miraculously hide any signs of stretch marks. Such cosmetics make the stretch marks match the skin tone of your normal skin and thus make them totally disappear. But these cosmetics might not work if you are planning to be in water for a long time. Even if the cosmetics are water proof, they stand as only the temporary solution; the fact remains that the marks are just hided with such cosmetics.
But you don’t have to worry a lot about your appearance in a swim suit. Instead of the regular beach wear you are generally used to, you can opt for broader shorts that don’t run up as you move. Such shorts can easily hide stretch marks on your thighs and buttocks.
Although many creams are available in the market and irrespective of the claims they make regarding the total vanishing of stretch marks, the fact still remains that without over the counter treatment methods like laser and micro dermabrasion, there is no proof of total eradication of stretch marks with any creams. But still, if you show patience, they would probably vanish easily over time.

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