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Best Skin Care TipsIt is seen that almost 70% of women suffer from hair fall during their menopausal phase. Although the hair continues to grow back at their normal rate after menopause, the sudden hair-fall is very stressful. Here we discuss some good ways of fighting hair fall during menopause and help you face this phase with peace. Best Skin Care Tips.

Best Skin Care Tips

First, let’s take a look at the main reasons behind hair loss in menopause:

The main reason can be accounted to the lessened levels of estrogen in women during menopause. This makes the scalp dry and so the hair follicles start shedding.Another reason is the lack of essential nutrients in the body during menopause.Increased stress levels can also be said to add to the instances of hair fall. As the stress levels generally increase in women during menopause, hair fall due to added stress becomes common. Ways to Combat Hair FallNourish the Hair Properly: The dry scalp that results due to the lack of estrogen in women is an important reason behind hair fall in menopause. So if the scalp is unable to get moisture from the within, add more moisture externally. You can do this by changing the current shampoo with a specialized shampoo for dry hair and scalp. Also, condition the hair and scalp properly. While a general conditioner would only condition your hair, natural conditioners like egg, olive oil, aloe vera gel, wheat germ oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, etc., would help the scalp gain natural moisture keeping it healthy.

There are hair care products that come as a combination of shampoo and conditioner that can provide your scalp as well as the hair with an overall nourishment.

The natural conditioners mentioned above can be applied in unison or can be mixed with others and applied as a mask to the hair. Such masks need to be kept on the hair for a while and then can be washed away. In very less time, such masks provide the scalp with the essential nourishment and make the hair elastic and strong.

Here is a simple home recipe for a moisturizing mask that will help the scalp retain its proper moisture:

Take as many eggs as you want according to the length of your hair. Take two tbls. of olive oil per egg and mix thoroughly with the egg. Apply this mixture thoroughly on the hair and scalp and seal it with a plastic bag on the head for ten minutes. After that, rinse the hair properly. Stop Using Hair Styling Products for a While: The scalp and hair is already very weak in this phase. Any additional chemicals in the form of hair styling products, hair dyes, hair colors, etc., would worsen the condition and damage the hair and scalp even more. Also, if you wash the hair very frequently, like every day, skip a day between two hair washes. As such, the natural oils built by the scalp would be retained even if they are in lesser amounts. So, the hair follicles would become strong and hair fall would naturally reduce. Keep the Hairstyle simple: After you wash your hair, allow the hair to dry naturally. Using hair dryer would make the hair even more dry. Also, avoid binding the hair in tight hairstyles like braids and buns. Maintain Proper Body Hydration: The lowered levels of estrogen in the body already take their toll on the skin by making it dry. Providing body proper hydration would keep the skin as well as the hair properly moisturized. As such, the hair would naturally fall less. It is recommended that you should drink eight to ten glasses of water daily to meet the body’s requirement of proper hydration. Some fruits and vegetables like papaya, cucumber, olives, watermelon, celery are extremely good in water proportions. So, the body could also be benefited from the regular intake of such food stuffs. Find Ways to Lower Down the Stress: Get involved in some fun activity or, a long forgotten hobby, spend some time exploring the world around you, travel, meet your friends and do every thing you can to keep yourself happy and out of stress. Stress is a very harmful trigger to many of your life’s problems. During menopause, the mind is already under a lot of stress and so any added stress would make the condition worse. So, lower down the stress levels and you would see that you are progressing fast in your condition. Take a Proper Diet: Nutritional deficiencies could also lead to hair loss. So, it is very essential to maintain a proper diet that is rich in minerals and vitamins that are essential in keeping the body healthy. Eat food stuffs that are rich in essential nutrients like protein, iron, Vitamin C and A and omega-3 fatty acids. Deficiency of vital nutrients like zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, biotin and proteins damage the hair in many ways like zinc deficiency leads to hair loss, biotin deficiency makes the hair brittle, omega-3 fatty acids deficiency makes the scalp and hair dry and protein deficiency leads to the decoloration of hair. Take Supplements if Required: If your diet is proper and healthy and you are still facing the same issue, you should consider taking health supplements for better results. Your physician would help you with a proper prescription depending upon your condition. A multi-vitamin and protein supplement will help a lot in stimulating the normal working of body tissues and glands. Best Skin Care Tips

Follow the above mentioned simple steps genuinely and you would definitely see good progress in your condition and the hair fall would surely reduce. allskincaretips | October 26, 2012 | Leave your comment

If you have had a birthmark through all or a major part of your life or are seeing this condition in your children, many common questions might come to you. Questions like what actually are birthmarks, how are they developed, are they harmful, are there ways to eradicate the unwanted ones and much more keep on surfacing in the minds of people who have birthmarks.

Here, we discuss some of these questions, the various types of birthmarks, the distinguishing features that make them different from the other forms, ways to live comfortably with them and ways to treat them if they irritate you or are harmful in some way. BirthmarksBirthmarks are a form of skin impairment that may come in different sizes, colors and shapes. They can be flat, smooth or raised and can be of colors like green, pink, purple, red, black, white or pinkish gray. While most of the birthmarks are not serious and not even worth any concern, some cases where the birthmark changes its shape, size and/or color or ever bleeds, itches or becomes infected in some way, you need to consult a doctor to see if the birthmark is the sign of any impending skin disease. Best Skin Care Tips

It would be better for you to understand a few facts about birthmarks so that you can clearly distinguish your condition from them in case it is not a birthmark and some other skin trouble:

They are not always developed at birth, but can also occur after some weeks of the child’s birth.They are not always permanent in shape, size and color. Some may also fade with time.Some newborn babies show some signs of birthmark just when they are born, but after sometime, these may disappear completely. Birthmarks are very common, especially the vascular birthmarks (discussed in the excerpt below) are seen in as many as inone in ten children.Birthmarks, especially the pigmented ones, are more sensitive to sun and so children with this type may require extra protection from it.

“Nevi” or “Nevus”, as they are called medically, birthmarks can be divided into two basic groups.Vascular Birthmarks: These tiny skin bumps are caused as a result of accumulated blood beneath the skin due to some abnormality in the blood vessels carrying the blood beneath the skin.

Pigmented Birthmarks: These look more like small moles and are caused due to the overgrowth of skin cells that collect at a point and form a dark patch of skin pigments.

Though very common in humans, there are no known ways to prevent any of these forms of birthmarks, vascular or pigmented. There is also no proof to it that they are hereditary or are caused as a result of any stress during pregnancy.

Vascular birthmarks can be further divided into the following types:Hemangiomas: These are raised patches caused due to abnormalities in blood vessels and appear red, pink or purple in color. There are again two types of these kind of birthmarks: the ones those appear on the top layers of the skin: the strawberry hemangiomas and the ones the occur deep within the skin: the cavernous hemangiomas. Such hemangiomas are commonly seen in females and new born babies and mostly appear on the neck or head. Mostly, hemangiomas are not fully developed during the birth and continue to grow up to 18 months. Macular Stains: These birthmarks are also commonly as Angel’s kisses, stork bites and salmon patches. These are flat and and usually require no treatment. Angel’s kisses commonly disappear with growing age, while stork bites continue to be on the skin mostly for the whole life. Port-wine Stains: These are the least common types of birthmarks and are flat, stain like in appearance. These are permanentand continue to grow with age, also becoming thick and darker. These birthmarks can be associated with some medical conditions like glaucoma, Sturge-Weber syndrome or seizures and so, should be properly diagnosed. These could also be a symptom of a congenital disease and Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber syndrome, where the blood and lymph vessels are not formed properly.

Pigmented birthmarks can also be further divided in the following forms:Mongolian Spots: These are generally blue in color and look like a bruise. They are generally seen on the lower side of the back, the buttocks, arms and/or trunk. These birthmarks are most commonly seen in people with dark skin. Congenital Nevus: These moles are present on the body, right from the time of birth. These moles have increased risks of turning to skin cancer and so large sized congenital nevus should be diagnosed properly by a dermatologist and care should be taken if the nevi changes its shape or size. Cafe-au-lait Spots: These are oval, light-brown colored spots that also appear right from the birth. These birthmarks are not generally harmful if they are smaller in size, but if they are larger than a quarter, it could be because of a genetic disorder called neurofibromatosisTreatment Options for BirthmarksMost birthmarks are not treated unless they are harmful in some ways or could act as trigger to some medical condition. Some people find birthmarks ugly and strange and so want to get rid of them or at least do something that would fade their appearance.Mostly, birthmarks cannot be totally eradicated, but the following treatments are known to produce good results:Laser Treatment: Lasers are used to shrink the moles or to cut them out. The side effects are quite less and are limited only to small bruises around the treated area that disappear soon. Lasers are most effective and easy to use on moles on the head and neck.Steroids: Steroids can be used in both, oral as well as injected form to treat birthmarks, but it is essential to consult the physician about the side effects of steroids on children. Sometimes, steroids can induce serious side effects like long-term effect on the immune system.Surgery: Surgery can bring unwanted side effects like scars and bruises on the treated area and so are advised as the last option for treating birthmarks. Many times, the scars that come as a result of surgery are bigger and uglier than the original birthmark and so consider this option only when it is very necessary to remove the birthmark. allskincaretips | October 26, 2012 | Leave your commentWhen one is deprived of sleep and rest, the whole body suffers. With many issues related to the metabolism and stress start showing their effect to the body due to less sleep and rest, the skin is not spared as well. The skin becomes dehydrated, loses its shine and starts showing other signs of aging like wrinkles and loosened skin. To top this, the eyes become puffy, swollen and dark circles start surfacing beneath your eyes.

It would not be wrong to say that sleep is one of the most important skin care regimend that easily tops the list of the most effective skin treatment. If you treat the skin with it, it would remain healthy for a longer time and help other skin care treatments to show their proper effect. But in case you ignore this, your skin will show it in form of many skin troubles; some of which are mentioned above. Best Skin Care Tips

In the following excerpt, we discuss how sleep is essential for a healthy, glowing skin. We also discuss some ways to improve your sleeping habits so that along with the feeling of freshness all day long, the skin will also show a natural glow.Importance of Sleep in Skin CareWhen we say, give the body a “beauty sleep”, we are not just playing with words nor does the proverb only stand to represent any old tale. It has been medically proven now that proper sleep does help the skin remain healthy in many ways. Here is how:The skin care products work better at night. During day time, the skin is exposed to a lot of sunlight, which reduces the activity of essential elements in these skin care products. So, the skin does not get largely benefited from these products when you wear them in the day’s time. At night when there is no sunlight, these essential elements from the skin care products you use work more actively and provide more benefits to the skin.

When you sleep, the skin does its routine work of overcoming the damage due to the daily tearing-out of the skin cells by promoting new cells generation. By the process of cell regeneration, the dead skin cells are replaced with fresh, new skin cells. Best Skin Care Tips

The process also occurs at the day time, but is more effective and fast during night.The skin is exposed to a lot of damages like sun burn, lines, wrinkles, etc., due to a lot of harmful pollutants, UV rays and many other harmful elements in the environment. At night, the skin gets in the process of reversal of this harm by repairing itself.

You can help the skin in boosting this process of skin repair by providing it with creams that are rich in antioxidants. When the skin gets such antioxidants and moisturizing elements in right proportion, it would naturally glow with a healthy complexion.Tips for Having a Good Sleep at NightThere are many factors that help you in having a long and fulfilling sleep. The National Sleep Foundation has come up with the following points that could help you to get started:Create the proper environment. A dark, cool place that is apart from any sort of disturbance like the TV, laptop, etc., would be an ideal place to sleep properly.Never take your office work at home. Keep the bedroom only for rest and sleep. Never try and make it your mini home office. This would only add to your working hours and would add stress to your life. Stress and anxiety do not help the mind to rest properly.Sleep on comfortable mattresses. The mattress you choose to sleep should not be very soft or very firm. Choose one that you feel comfortable in and that helps the body relax properly. A medium-firm mattress would be the most ideal, as it does not induce any problems like back and shoulder pain.Maintain a proper time when you go to sleep and wake up. Such routine would help the body to get into a state of a perfect schedule and would help it relax properly.Read something or listen to some relaxing music. Reading something would automatically make you feel a bit sleepy, while some relaxing music would help your mind be at rest. Such activities just before you sleep are found to be very useful in inducing a good night’s sleep.Take a bath. A warm bath would deprive all the stress from your body and mind and help you to relax properly.Eat your dinner well before you sleep. Having dinner two to three hours before you sleep would help the body digest it properly, and the stomach would not be fuller when you sleep and you would not feel uneasy because of a fuller stomach.Say no to caffeine. Caffeine hugely affects sleep. So, take coffee, tea or chocolates in proper proportions. An excess of these things would increase the level of caffeine in your body and would hinder your sleep.Make conscious efforts to take your sleep properly. The body needs it very badly. Things like how much you sleep, the environment in which you sleep and the way you sleep hugely contribute to the body’s capacity to fight stress. The overall effect of less sleep and rest is shown on all the body’s organs and especially the skin. You would not see the effects initially, but with time, you would understand how your skin has suffered.

The next time you are compelled in any ways to skip your routine sleep time, just remember how your skin would get affected due to it. Proper sleep would not only make you feel healthy and bright throughout the day, but would also make your skin look healthier from tip to toe.allskincaretips | October 18, 2012 | Leave your commentIf you have started noticing reddish pink streaks at places like your abdomen, thighs and breasts, a skin problem called stretch marks could be the reason. Ok, let’s face it: even if they are not harmful in any way nor even worth a lot of concern, they are frustrating for sure, especially for the ones who love to flaunt their skin in skimpy clothes. Stretch marks are also quite common during the later phases of pregnancy; about 70% women get stretch marks. AppearanceStretch marks appear in many shapes and colors. Typically, they are faint pink, gray or whitish in color and are of the shape of lightning bolts. Stretch marks can also sometimes resemble a vein burst under the skin. When they are generally seen under the abdomen, they resemble lightning bolts, but when they are found under other body parts like the thighs, breasts or the arms, the appearance is hairy in spite of the total absence of hair in those parts.Causes of Stretch MarksThe most practical and common reason behind the formation of this skin condition is torn collagen. Collagen, a type of fibrous protein, is essential part of the skin of mammals and is responsible in giving the body tissues proper firmness and strength. It works with elastin to help the skin maintain proper elasticity such that the skin is neither very loose, nor very tight. When the skin is stretched to an extreme level like due to rapid weight gain, it is required to stretch to contain the overtly growing fats in the body. However, the skin cannot cope with the stretching and it tears, well, not literally, but the layers of skin break and so you see the change in the appearance of skin in the form of these stretch marks. Best Skin Care Tips

The reason why stretch marks do not disappear totally even after a lot of time is that the torn skin cannot be connected back. Some of the best known reasons for the cause of stretch marks are noted down:Pregnancy: Mostly, stretch marks appear on the abdominal regions, thighs and near the breasts in women after their pregnancy. The skin stretches massively due to the growth of the baby inside their belly. The stretching is naturally very extreme and so, the collagen below these areas or in the nearby regions supporting these areas loses the strength and starts breaking. Excessive Weight Gain: Rapid growth can also be accounted as one possible and common reason behind stretch marks. It can come as surprise to many who have only known pregnancy as the reason behind stretch marks. But people who have had their battles against huge weight gain and loss must understand this. Just like pregnancy, the skin stretches beyond normal limits during extreme weight gain. The outcome is similar as in the case of pregnancy – stretch marks.Diseases: Some diseases like cushing’s syndrome are also known to cause stretch marks. The difference is that in the case of one such disease, the skin all over the body gets such stretch marks and not just the affected regions. Sometimes, some chemicals in frequently used medicines can also cause stretch marks.Nutritional Deficiency: Deficiency in some essential minerals and vitamin in the body can also result in the loss of elasticity in the skin, thus causing stretch marks.Treatment of Stretch MarkTotal eradication of stretch marks is generally a very rare occurrence. The tore collagen cannot get connected as it was before the stretch marks appeared. Just as a piece of cloth cannot get connected back without stitches, once it is tore, the skin cannot regain its natural state. So, you should always remember that even if you take any over-the counter treatment for stretch marks, they would not disappear totally. But yes, there are ways in which you can have some recovery; there are ways which help in fading stretch marks, but will not make them disappear completely. Some known ways of treating stretch marks are:Lasers: Of all the known treatments for stretch marks, laser treatments are said to be the best. For newer stretch marks, special lasers called the pulsed dye lasers help in triggering the growth of collagen and so, the skin becomes elastic. Best Skin Care Tips

For older stretch marks, excimer lasers are used which encourage the production of new melanin in the skin so that the area affected by stretch marks can match the nearby skin.Cosmetics: Some cosmetic products designed especially for the skin help in eradicating the stretch marks. The vitamins A and C along with glycolic acid in such products can increase the elasticity of the skin and thus improve its appearance.Precautionary MeasuresThough there are treatments available that can help you fight this skin condition once they start appearing, it is always better to prevent them. If they are limited just in their growing phases, they would be less difficult to work around. The following are some good ways to prevent stretch marks:

Gently rub some lukewarm olive oil on the growth regions like the abdomen and hips. This would help to increase the elasticity of those areas, thus limiting any occurrence of stretch marks.A mixture of an ounce of any oil from avocado, almond or jojoba with four to five drops of chamoline oil and seven to eight drops of lavender oil is a known recipe for making the skin extremely elastic so that it can cope with the extreme stretching of the skin.

Calendula oil is also very effective due to its medicinal properties. Calendula oil can also be added to wheat germ oil and used to apply over the skin on a regular basis. Best Skin Care Tips

Some other oils known for their medicinal properties helping the skin strengthen are cod liver oil, castor oil and flax seed oil.Cocoa butter can also help. Just rub it softly throughout the risk regions. Cocoa butter is absorbed in the skin very easily and so the moisture reaches to the deeper layers of the skin, making it supple and moisturized.

Drinking lot of water is also commonly advised. Though you apply any amount of moisture on the skin from the outside, the real moisture comes from within the body and so to keep the skin properly hydrated and thus properly elastic, you should drink a lot of water.

The diet should also be taken proper care of while you know that the body is in the stage of extreme stretching. You should have a diet that is abundant in vitamins A, C and E.

Stretch marks are quite distinct in their appearance when they are new. In general cases, they tend to faint as time passes. The reddish or pinkish lines slowly become faint and many times, become quite indistinct from the surrounding skin. But people who love to flaunt their bare skin in skimpy clothes or ladies who love to spend time around a pool in their swim suits could have tough times hiding these marks.

Well, some women who have had stretch marks due to pregnancy take them as a sign of pride about their motherhood. If you are one such lady, you would not have to worry about their appearance. But if you do not like their appearance, it is totally your choice. What matters is the outlook towards it. In any case, it is definitely good to understand whether there are simple ways to make the skin appear normal. Some of the best known ways to hide stretch marks are noted below: Best Skin Care Tips

Sun tanners are preferred by many as a way to cover stretch marks or make them less visible. But it should be known that stretch marks are very less prone to sun tanning. So, you might take up sun tanners to make the stretch marks less visible and end up burning your skin instead due to over tanning. Best Skin Care Tips

You can choose cosmetics that have the ability to miraculously hide any signs of stretch marks. Such cosmetics make the stretch marks match the skin tone of your normal skin and thus make them totally disappear. But these cosmetics might not work if you are planning to be in water for a long time. Even if the cosmetics are water proof, they stand as only the temporary solution; the fact remains that the marks are just hided with such cosmetics.

But you don’t have to worry a lot about your appearance in a swim suit. Instead of the regular beach wear you are generally used to, you can opt for broader shorts that don’t run up as you move. Such shorts can easily hide stretch marks on your thighs and buttocks.

Although many creams are available in the market and irrespective of the claims they make regarding the total vanishing of stretch marks, the fact still remains that without over the counter treatment methods like laser and microdermabrasion, there is no proof of total eradication of stretch marks with any creams. But still, if you show patience, they would probably vanish easily over time. allskincaretips | October 17, 2012 | Leave your commentAs summers start approaching and you become busy in planning your outdoor trips, there are many things required to be planned. While planning for all the essential outdoor related activities, don’t forget to plan your skin care regimen during this time, as with the adventures you take, the skin will have to face a lot of different and difficult situations facing all the harsh elements of the sunny weather outside. Get indulged in the sport of your choice, go trekking, camping, and do some adventure sport. But be ready with some skin care tips for an overall protection to the skin so that it can also support your adventures. Best Skin Care Tips

Summer is the season when you can spend most of your time enjoying the warm weather. But the same warm weather can prove very harsh to your delicate skin. It is very essential that you take care of the skin, especially if you are planning to go out on an adventurous holiday, trekking or camping. As you plan to spend your days out in the sun, doing all those adventures, it is quite obvious that the skin would have to undergo a lot of wear and tear. So, keep a handful of tips with you to help the skin face all this harshness and yet remain healthy. Here are the tips that would be useful for children as well as adults:Sun Protection: Well, this might be the most common concern of everyone planning to spend time in the open surroundings this summer. Sun protection might be the permanent part of your daily skin care regime. But the sun protection formulae for different ages and different activities are different to cater to the special needs.

Swimming, for instance, requires you to have a waterproof sunscreen lotion that does not wear out even when you remain in the pool for long hours. Check out for a sunscreen lotion that can withstand water and still remains effective for atleast six to eight hours. Best Skin Care Tips

For sports, where you would face the sun continuously for many hours and shed a lot of sweat, you would need a sweat-proof sunscreen. Look out for a sunscreen that is also higher in the SPF count, a sunscreen with 45 spf or more would be an ideal selection. There are many products in the market that would suffice the needs of sports related activities. Along with the general protection from sun, many of the products in the market also specialize in age fighting formula along with proper nourishment of the skin.

If you are planning to take your children along with you, take proper care that they are covered with protective clothing, thick hats, sunglasses or blankets so that the delicate skin of your child is protected from the harsh sun rays. You can also apply sunscreen lotion to babies older than 6 to 7 months.

Though it is alright to apply sunscreen all over their bodies, give minimal chances to the sun from directly reaching their skin by keeping it covered most of the time. Also, ask the dermatologist before choosing any sunscreen for the infant; there is a lot of difference between your skin and theirs and so, what works for you might not always work for them.

For kids who are a bit older, it is better to apply a proper sunscreen all over their bodies rather than expecting them to keep their clothes on.

Fighting Bugs: Bugs of all kinds are abundant in summer. When you cannot bear the heat, how would they be able to bear the heat and stay in their tiny nests? So they get out to chill themselves and you happen to come in their way. No matter which corner of the world you are living, bugs and insects are prone to irritate you. It might be a simple mosquito bite that could start your encounter with these tiny creatures. The simple mosquito bite may turn out to be a trigger for multiple and very serious diseases like malaria, dengue, encephalitis, yellow fever, etc. Other common insects like ticks, biting flies, spiders, gnats, etc., can also be a matter of concern. So, you need to prevent these insects from biting you and inducing illness. Best Skin Care Tips

You can start the prevention with a repellent. Apply a proper repellent over the body before heading out. Also, keep a bottle of it with you in case any need arises in the way.

You can also take care of the clothes you wear. Even if you badly wish to wear scanty clothes in summer, keep the skin under wraps while you are hiking in woods or in areas where such insects would be in abundant. Insects also get attracted to scents and so when you are heading towards a region where you feel that insects would be seen frequently, avoid scented products like perfumes, hair products, lotions, etc.

Also, be in wraps especially during dawn, as this is the time when most insects or mosquitoes get out to search for their food. After your time out, check the skin properly to see if you have been bit by some insect. Check your child’s body from tip to toe to see if they have been bit somewhere. If you get to diagnose such bites early, it won’t spread largely and can be easily worked around.

Always remember to keep medicinal creams that can be used for healing the inflammations and swelling caused due to the bites of insects. Keep pain relieving lotions and ointments along with you that can help in case of a bee sting.You should see a doctor immediately if you see no effect on the condition or if the swelling, inflammation or pain has increased.

Cuts and Wounds: While you actively participate in all the adventures and sports, it is likely that you would get some bruises, cuts and wounds. But don’t let them stop you; be prepared instead to treat them right when they occur. For minor cuts, you can do the following simple things:

Try to stop the bleeding. Once the bleeding has stopped, clean the wound with some clean water. Then, apply a disinfectant to kill any bacterial or micro-organisms that might have remained in the wound. Cover the wound with a bandage so that it does not get affected by dirt and bacteria again. Change the bandage frequently and reapply. Check if the wound is really improving. If some infection occurs or the wound swells, see a doctor soon. Best Skin Care Tips

For bumps and bruises, you can take a pain-killer. If there is intense pain, keep an ice pack close to you. Apply it on the bumps and bruises, so that the swelling can be prevented from growing further. If the pain with a bump or bruise is very intense, seek medical attention to see if you have had a bone broken or a ligament teared.

There are many more issues that need to be covered like the possible skin damage due to some poisonous weeds and grasses that are abundant in most outdoors of every part of the country. We would get to these points along with some other additional issues in an upcoming article. Dandruff is a very irritating skin problem. It does not only look bad when snowy flakes start surfacing on your shiny, black hair, but it can also become a serious concern if not taken proper care for a long time. Many believe that only poor hygiene leads to dandruff. Well, it may be a solid reason behind dandruff, but it is certainly not the only cause. In fact, even if you say that it might come as an out come of some medical condition, there is no assurance of this.

The proper reason behind the cause of dandruff is not known. Some potential causes have been suggested like naturally dry skin, excess oil secretion, lack of personal hygiene, some skin disease or even heredity. Lack of certain elements like zinc, vitamin E and B complex and Omega three fatty acids are also known to raise concerns regarding dandruff. While the reasons are plenty and this skin problem is also very common, one should take utmost care to limit it in its very early stages. Once it starts getting intense, the whole scalp is affected massively. The upper layer of the scalp becomes dead and is devoid of any moisture from within. Not only this, it does not even remain capable of holding any moisture added externally to it, so rather than spending a lot of time and money after the situation is out of your hands, you should take care to make sure that it is eradicated way earlier. Best Skin Care Tips
While it is difficult to eradicate it totally once it gets very intense, it is easier to work around it in its early phases. So, we present here some important tips to help you limit dandruff much before it reaches an intense phase. Wash your hair regularly: While we have mentioned that lack of personal hygiene is not the only reason that contributes to the formation of dandruff, it is also quite true that this is a very genuine and solid reason for this skin issue. So, take care that you wash your hair properly for at-least three times every week. For people with extreme dandruff, this can be done even more frequently like a head wash every second day or may be everyday.
Wonder why a frequent head wash is so necessary? Here’s the answer: the seborrheic glands in the scalp keep on secreting a waxy substance, the sebum, which keeps the scalp and our hair properly moisturized. An excess of this sebum attracts a lot of dirt from the environment and when not properly washed, the scalp gets damaged due to this dirt. Damaged scalp is nothing but the snowy flakes you call dandruff. So, have a head wash frequently.

Also, don’t only apply water; use a shampoo every time you wash your hair. Rinse the scalp and hair properly and reapply shampoo for at least two times; the first time to remove the sebum and the second time to wash it off. Use lukewarm water to wash hair: A bit of lukewarm water will help the sebum get away from the skin easily. Cold water would not be good if you have applied oil to the hair. Nor would very hot water be good; it would in fact damage the scalp. Very hot water would also deprive the scalp of all the essential oils in it that help it remain moisturized. With it, the skin will become extremely dry and would result into dandruff. Use an anti-dandruff shampoo: If you are prone to frequent attack of dandruff, try using an anti-dandruff shampoo instead of your favorite scented shampoo. Scented shampoos usually have a high content of harmful chemicals that do no help your hair. Anti dandruff shampoos have higher percentage of zinc, which is known to help fight dandruff. There are many effective anti dandruff shampoos that you can easily get at any nearby grocery or pharmacy shop.

While using an anti dandruff shampoo, you have to be a bit careful. It is necessary that the shampoo is retained in the scalp properly to work out its effect. So, rinse the shampoo on the scalp and leave it there for some time before you wash it away.If not anti dandruff shampoo, use a very soft shampoo: Take care that the shampoo you are using is not very strong. You can try a baby shampoo for some days to see if it is your normal shampoo that is causing trouble for you. Baby shampoo would easily help you rinse off the everyday dirt from your hair and the scalp would also retain the essential moisture. Do not use an excess of hair styling products: Your scalp might be sensitive to hair styling products like gels, sprays and mousses. Many times, these products can also trigger some allergies damaging the scalp even more. You should keep a track of the change in skin just after you have started using any new skin care product. If you realize that certain products are triggering any form of irritation, you should either stop using them or change the brand. Eat healthy food and drink lots of water: If the body is not properly nourished, the skin would become susceptible to a lot of damage. Proper nourishment to the body would also help the skin become healthy which would be less prone to wear and tear. The oils essential for proper moisturization of the scalp should also be provided from within the body. If the skin is not healthy, it would not improve with the application of any amount of moisture or oil applied externally. Never use a shared comb: Dandruff can spread from one person to other. When you use a comb or hair brush that is shared by many people, there is a possibility that you can get dandruff from someone else using the same comb.

Even after you take care of all the above mentioned points and the dandruff still persists, it might be the time that you visit a dermatologist to find out any other possible reason behind your condition. There are many home remedies as well that help when medications stop responding. A quick search of the Internet will let you get a look at what more can be done. allskincaretips | October 8, 2012 | Leave your commentSummer is the time to take out your beach wear out of the closets, flaunt your bare body underneath the sun and soak in the sunlight. While you are busy planning your summer outfits and updating the wardrobe for the special summer wear, don’t forget that you also need to take special care of the skin, as it is going to be more visible than usual.If you take proper care of the skin during summers, you would ensure that it remains healthy for the whole year. Summers require you to follow a proper skin care regime to ensure that you do not end up tanning the skin excessively, so that when summers are gone it becomes difficult for you to regain its natural state. Here are some useful tips that would help your skin remain healthy in summer as well as for a long time to come.Choose a Proper SPFSPF is the most important tool you need to have in your arsenal for summer skin care. What distinguishes summer from other seasons is the amount of direct rays from the sun to the earth. So, whichever part of the world you are living in, your skin needs proper protection from this attack of sun on your delicate skin. Generally, it is recommended that you turn off any older sunscreens in your closet from the yesteryear summer collection and purchase a new formula for the current year. This is essential as sunscreens normally have a shelf-life of one year only.While you choose the sunscreen, take care to see the label of UVA/UVB to ensure that the sunscreen is capable of blocking all kind of harmful sunrays. Also, choose products with a high SPF, higher the percentage of the SPF, better the product. Although a good SPF percentage will guarantee a long time effect, for optimal effect, you need to apply it repeatedly and all over the body.

Also, different parts of your body have their special necessities. So, it is best to choose sunscreens that are specialized for specific regions of the body. If you are not sure why, here are some points that would persuade you:The face has the most sensitive skin of your body. It is also prone to a lot of exposure than other body parts. So, if you are thinking that a sunscreen of SPF 30 would be good for your body, as it would not be exposed much, you should consider a sunscreen of SFP 45 at least for the face.

Just like the face, other body parts that are exposed in the sun need protection. If you are planning to spend a lot of time lying on the beach, consider the same sunscreen you have chosen for the face. Apply it thoroughly on your arms, legs, back, neck and chest.

Almost every sunscreen has its effect only for a limited time period. So, reapply it after shorter durations like 3-4 hours. If you are planning to get indulged in some sports activity, wherein you would sweat a lot or if you are planning to take up swimming, you need to choose special sunscreens. Best Skin Care Tips

This is because while playing games when you sweat, the sunscreen gets away from the body along with the sweat. Swimming is a different case again. The chlorine used to make the tank water free from algae does not only kill algae but has its effect on your skin too. So, if you plan to be in a swimming tank for most of your time, take care that you apply a proper moisturizer. Exfoliate:It is true that the excess sweat in summer helps the skin cells remain properly moisturized, but it surely does not mean that the skin stops developing dead cells. It is very essential that you continue exfoliating even when it is summer. But yes, you do not need to continue exfoliating as much as you do in other seasons. If generally you did it once or twice a week, do it once every 15 days in summers.If you do not like to follow the process of exfoliation much, use a face wash that has the properties of scrub. When you use such a face wash on a daily basis, you will naturally end up getting rid of the dead skin without putting much efforts. Take Care while You ShaveWhile you put on your beach clothes and all other sorts of revealing outfits, you would definitely want a clean-shaved body. So, if you are going to shave your body hair frequently, you need to take special care about the side-effects of shaving frequently.If you use razors regularly, take care that you change the razor frequently. When the same razors are used for many shaves, they loose their sharpness and the next time you use them, they would end up damaging the skin. Cuts and bruises take long to heal during summers. So, even a small cut would trouble you a lot. Other hair removal options like waxing or using epilators are also quite effective. But remember to apply a hair-inhibiting lotion after the shower. This would limit the early growth of new hair.

Avoid spending excess time in the sun. You might love summers because you get to absorb a lot of sun in this season. But take care while stepping out in the sun. Although you are properly protected with a sunscreen, excess of sun would be harmful, despite of this protective layer of sunscreen on the body.

Also, if you are mad for the sun-kissed and somewhat bronze complexion of the skin, remember that there are some products in the market which would help you achieve such complexion without even having to step out in the sun.There are some really effective fake-tan skin creams in the market that not only bring a sun-kissed feeling to the skin, but also help in fighting other skin problems like skin aging, widened skin pores, etc. When you can get such effect without even having to go out in sun, why take the risk of skin damage due to excess sun exposure. Maintain Your Hair ProperlyJust as you change your skin care regimen with seasons, you should also change your hair care regimen. Summers come with a lot of sun, huge sweat and if you are planning to go out on the beach and get involved in a lot of swimming, just imagine what your hair shall have to go through. The sun itself can cause a lot of damage to the hair. A lot of exposure to sun leads to dry and broken hair. A lot of sweat can make the hair difficult to manage and frequent changes in water can affect the scalp badly. So, it is very essential that you wash your hair properly; almost everyday in summers, if possible with a light shampoo. Wash your hair, especially after you have had a swim and try to protect it from a lot of sun exposure. Choose Make-up that Suits SummerSummer make-up is a tough task. While the excess sweat easily washes away all the traces of your make-up, you are left with a lot of shades of the different elements of your make-up all mixed together; leaving the face with a horrifying look.So, it is best that you leave you skin without applying much make-up to let the skin breathe properly. If it is still necessary, choose very light make-up products that have less oil content or are water based. Apply very thin coats of make-up. Avoid heavy lipsticks and liners. Go with a subtler look with lighter versions of your favorite shades of lipsticksDuring summers, it is very common that the lips lose their moisture and become dry. So, while you step out in the sun, take care that you have applied a proper moisturizer on your lips.

You can choose to highlight your eyes and toe nails to get a fashionable look even when you have no make-up on. Go with bright, smudge-free eyeliners and water resistant mascara. You might have kept your nails under wraps most of the time during winters, but now is the time to have a pedicure and flaunt your beautiful toe nails. Color your toenails with some trendy bright shades that you would never otherwise wear.

This summer, be prepared with a good SPF, water-resistant, oil free and light make-up products in your store. Take extra care of the skin, and you would be able to enjoy the weather as well as a good, healthy skin even when the season is gone. allskincaretips | October 8, 2012 | Leave your commentDry, itchy skin is a big trouble. It looks unpleasant and makes you feel like you are about to generate scales like alligators; well if not that extreme, still it feels bad. Winter makes the skin even worse and the highly over rated anti-dryness products in the market do nothing good to it. If you are an all time victim of dry skin, trying some home remedies would do you well. You’ll also save your money. In the following excerpt, we will discuss the best home remedies for dry skin to help you fight dry skin.But before turning to the part of remedies, it is important to understand a few facts about the problem of dry skin and some myths associated with the ways of tackling it. Here are some points we feel are important to understand before you start taking up any remedies:Facts about Dry Skin Less humidity in the air, excessive exposure to the sun, pollution, and harsh chemicals like detergents and soaps are surely the best known reasons for having dry skin, but they are not all. Dry skin can be hereditary. If you inherit the skin problem through your genes, you would have to consult a dermatologist just as in case of skin diseases like eczema, which very commonly lead to dry skin. Unhealthy diets during extreme weight loss sessions like cutting oils of all sorts from the food can also lead to dry skin. People who drink less water are also prone to dry skin, as the body itself is not enough hydrated from within to show on the outside. Myths about Dry Skin Frequent application of moisturizers, especially the expensive ones would easily help me: The fact is that when you enter the risk zone of dry skin, only moisturizers thrust on the skin do nothing good to the skin. Skin has to get some moisture from within the body first to help the moisturizers retain their moisture in the skin for longer times.Exfoliation would make my dry skin even worse: Extreme dry skin means the skin cells are dead. Such dead skin cannot retain any moisture, in fact, these dead skin follicles do not respond to any medicines. It is essential to rub them off your skin so that the healthy skin cells beneath this dead skin layer can help regain some moisture. You can apply moisturizers to these healthy skin cells in hope of getting a smooth and supple skin. Now, why do you think does the skin becomes dry? The skin is nothing but a close network of cells that carry blood vessels beneath them. Also, the skin houses a lot of nerve endings and two types of glands: the sebaceous glands and the sweat glands. The moisture in the skin comes from the sweat gland and the natural oils essential to keep the moisture intact comes from the sebaceous glands. The skin gets dry when it has trouble in holding this combination of moisture and oil.

So, now that you have studied the actual reasons behind the problem and understood the facts and the myths involved, you are good to see some of the home remedies that would help you tackle this issue of dry skin at your earnest right at your home. Here are the magic ingredients that you very easily find at your home and which work really well in tackling dry skin.

Let’s start with the very basic and the most important ingredient: water.Water: You need to keep the body properly hydrated first to make your skin supple. If you are starting any skin care regime, maybe prescribed by your dermatologist or advised by a beautician, for your dry skin, start it with proper intake of water. Drinking lots of water detoxes the body, helping it to throw out any harmful chemicals. Fewer chemicals within the body easily show on the skin. Also, proper body hydration means proper hydration of the body cells, including the skin cells.So, drink lots of water; it is free after-all. Tthus, it also counts as the cheapest home remedy and the best dry skin treatment. Why best? Drinking lots of water would only bring good effects on the body, if any; no side effects at all. Fruits and Yogurt: Any fruit in your house can act as a gentle exfoliator. You can apply a paste of mashed fruit and yogurt on your face, neck and rinse it off after some time. The fruit would add the required moisture to the skin and yogurt would add the essential oils along with exfoliating the skin.You can choose any fruit at hand that can be mashed to make a semi-solid paste. Mangoes, papaya, banana and orange are the most commonly chosen fruits for using in such masks. After you remove the mask, don’t apply any additional moisturizer or cream to the face; just let the natural sugars and oils from the mask work the magic. Honey: You might only know honey as a sugar substitute for your food stuffs. But you should understand that there’s more use to honey than just this. Honey is an excellent natural moisturizer. While honey mixed with a few drops of lemon juice acts as a bleach, plain honey would help the skin revitalize with added moisture.If you wish to create any face pack, honey can be used as the base ingredient instead of water in the pack. I have never heard of honey causing any side effects to anyone’s skin. It might give a bit tingling sensation, but if you feel more than that, like a lot of itching after you apply honey, check whether the honey you are using is of good quality.Aloe Vera: Aloe vera has soothing, moisturizing and healing properties. Aloe vera gel is said to have a lot of medicinal properties. It has a very good content of water and is said to get easily absorbed in the skin, thus making it soft and supple. You can apply plain aloe vera gel to the affected regions of the skin and wash it off after 15 minutes.Many face packs are also made keeping aloe vera as their main ingredient. One such simple pack is to mix some turmeric powder to the gel and apply it to the skin. It takes only a few seconds to make such a pack and is really effective. Oils: It may sound a bit strange to you, but many oils like tea tree oil, castor oil, almond oil, olive oil or grape seed oil can act as good cleansers. Mix one portion of castor oil with three portions of tea tree oil or grape seed oil and apply the mixture thoroughly on the skin. Cleanse-off the oil with a piece of cotton cloth dipped in warm water. This very simple trick leads to smooth and glowing skin, carrying away the dead cells along-with it. Cornstarch and Oatmeal: Many of you might have known the use of corn starch only to bind cutlets and oatmeal as a form of breakfast. But the fiber in them is surprisingly effective when used as an exfoliator. Mix some milk with cornstarch or powdered otmeal and make a semi-solid paste that can be easily spread on the skin. Keep the mixture on the skin for 10­15 minutes and wash it-off. You will see a natural glow on the skin.

Milk baths are also very effective. You can mix some milk powder and cornstarch or powdered oatmeal to some warm water in the bath tub. As you soak your body in this warm moisturizer of milk and a cleanser, i.e, the cornstarch or oatmeal, the body is deeply moisturized along with a mild exfoliation. Just take care that you don’t use very hot water or stay too long in the tub; prolonged interaction with water takes out essential oils from the skin and very hot water makes the skin even more drier. allskincaretips | October 4, 2012 | Leave your commentPregnancy brings a lot of changes in the bodies of women. While all the body parts are strongly affected and the whole body metabolism changes, the skin isn’t spared as well. The changes that are induced in women’s bodies as a result of the pregnancy hormones can be quite stressful at times.

Pregnancy hormones bring about changes that can be difficult to handle, especially for the skin. So, just like every other part of the body, pregnant ladies need to take special care of their skin very properly to keep it healthy.

Women just need to continue with their older routines or try to take up some new routine accordingly, to ensure that their skin remains radiant and glowing up to their due date and the time after that. Just as you take care of your skin when not pregnant, you need to do the same when you are, just with an extra bit of precaution.

But before you start following a specific skin care regimen during your pregnancy, there is a need to consult the doctor. It should be remembered that whatever you do with your body directly affects your unborn child and so any harmful element in your skin care product would directly affect the unborn child and in a very harsh manner. It is a fact that what is put inside the body affects the baby, but people tend to ignore the fact that what is put on the body affects the unborn child as well.

There is gross possibility of some creams and lotions of being soaked in the bloodstream directly and if some of the elements of them are not healthy for the unborn baby, they might directly show their effect. So, it is necessary that whichever skin care regimen you choose to follow or whatever products you choose to use, you should first consult the obstetrician and then finalize anything. Daily Skin Care TipsNow that you’ve taken your part of advice from the obstetrician about the best skin care products to be used when you are pregnant, you can now start a proper skin care regimen that will suit all your needs. Here we have some tips that will help you to keep your skin glowing and radiant all through your pregnancy and even after that.Protect the Skin: Many women complain that their skin pigmentation has changed over their pregnancy, and it has become more prone to tanning or burning. This does happen to many women. To help your skin from pigmentation, you should turn to products that provide more UV protection and you should specifically take good care of your face and hands. You can also avoid going in the sun bare handed. You can opt for a sun coat to protect the skin from being exposed to direct sun. Moisturize Well: Skin cells are more prone to dry out during pregnancy. Also, the turnover of cell formation and degradation increases causing the need of more moisture to the skin to stop it from looking dry and dull. So, while you are pregnant, make sure that you feed your skin with enough moisturizers than usual so that it looks healthy. Relaxation and Rest: Women’s body in pregnancy is already under a lot of stress. It needs proper rest and relaxation. If you are putting more pressure on it, the skin is likely to notice it and as a result it gets unwell. This can bring many skin issues like extreme dry skin, skin pigmentation and others and so relaxation and proper rest can be a form of skin care. Use Very Light or No Soap: It is well known that soaps remove the natural oils from the skin, making it dry and dull. You can use a moisturizing body wash with less chemicals so that your skin retains its natural oils and moisture. This will help your skin remain healthy and glowing.Choose products that are good in moiturizing properties and are PH balanced to maintain that healthy glow on the skin. Avoid Long Baths:When the body is in contact with water continuously for a long time, it gets dehydrated. Such skin can start looking dull and so avoid spending long times in the bath. Apart from this, moisturize the whole body after you have taken bath. Pamper the Body: Get a facial and a body massage and try to pamper your body as much as possible. Facials and massages do just the same work as does relaxation and rest. They are great ways of exfoliating the skin along with providing it the essential moistures as well. You are living a special phase of your life when you are pregnant, and you have all the rights to pamper yourself and your skin. Drink Enough Water: The skin gets easily dehydrated in pregnancy, so the moisture should come from within the body as well as from outside. Just applying moisturizers many times a day will do you no good when you are dehydrated from within your body, so take care that you drink enough water every day. Also remember, you have another life in making inside your body which also needs water, so drink enough water for yourself and for your baby.Nutritious Food:Nutrition rich food is not only necessary for the proper growth of the fetus, but also for the health of your skin. Take care that you eat food that has high contents of moisturizing oils and all the essential nutrients for the proper growth of your baby and to overcome the constant wear and tear your own body is going through in this phase. Tackling Specific Skin IssuesAcneEven if a lady has never had acne before, there are chances that pregnancy might trigger them. The occurrence of acne can be commonly seen during the first trimester and again, pregnancy hormones are to be blamed. You can start using any good cream for acne with the advice from your obstetrician; generally an antibiotic like erythromycin is prescribed.Also, take care that you wash your face and neck regularly, as the excess oil formation can sometimes lead to acne as well. Belly Itching and Other TroublesItching in the belly region, dryness of the skin around it and creation of patches due to dryness are again very common issues in many women. To avoid this, you can moisturize the concerned region with a proper moisturizer. You can also avoid hot water showers and soaps that have high contents of chemicals. Stretch MarksStretch marks are quite common in pregnant ladies. In fact, around 90% of pregnant ladies are likely to develop stretch marks due to the excessive pulling and stretching of the skin in the abdominal region and some nearby areas. These are pink or purple bands that differ in occurrence from the normal skin and can be a concerning issue for the ones who care a lot about their looks.

If stretch marks are to be avoided after delivery, women need to take care during their pregnancy. They can start using alpha-hydroxy acid containing creams or lotions, which are scientifically proven to work against stretch marks.If you properly know how to deal with the common skin issues you will very likely face during your pregnancy, then you will be able to tackle the issues without any worries by yourself. All you need is some extra care and precaution. Care also needs to be taken to stop any skin issue in its very first phase to avoid further complications. Only remember to take proper advice from your obstetrician before you switch to any new product or start following a specific regimen.

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