How to Ease Lower Back Pain with Stretching

Many people experience lower back pain and the regular irritations from the pain can actually decrease your pleasure of life. There are several things you can do to help ease the problem. Here are some easy stretches for lower back pain that you can do to help decrease your lower back pain. These some steps can ease lower back pain quickly.

Ease Lower Back Pain


There are some stretching exercises are given below.

Stretching Exercise # 1

This simple exercise requires you to do the following:

1. Lay down flat.
2. Put your leg parallel to the side of your body. This will be done by bending your knee.
3. Bring the upper portion of your leg to your side.
4. Cross the leg to the other side of your body while keeping it bent.
5. Maintain position for 20 to 30 seconds.

You have to perform this exercise with the other leg in order to maintain body balance and symmetry.

Stretching Exercise # 2

Another stretching technique for lower back pain will affect your whole back. This simple exercise requires you to do the following:
1. Lower your chin down towards your chest.
2. Maintain position for at least 20 to 30 seconds.

You can repeat this exercise as much time as you want providing that you are sitting. If you don’t feel any ease from your pain after your first attempt, repeat a few more times. You will definitely feel this all through your whole spine.

Stretching Exercise # 3

This stretch requires you to use your arms. This simple exercise requires you to do the following:

1. Put your arms out making a V on your sides. You should keep your arms shoulder width apart.
2. Do 15 to 20 arm circles forward and then do the same number of circles backwards.
3. When you are finished, raise your arms above your head and grip your hands.
4. Bring your hands downward and ahead of you. Your hands should be joint and long-drawn-out in front of your chest.
5. Stay at this position for at least 15 seconds.
6. Once you are finished, gradually put your arms down.

Stretching Exercise # 4

Another in the series of stretches for lower back pain is through sitting on the floor. This simple exercise requires you to do the following:

1. Get into a sitting position, placing your feet where they touch each other.
2. Your knees are supposed to be pointing out to the sides.
3. Bring your body forward so your head touch must your feet or as close as possible for you.
4. Don’t try to over stretch yourself to touch your feet since it will make this exercise useless.
5. Slowly lower your body down near to your feet so you can feel the full benefits of this exercise.
6. Repeat this exercise for about a minute.

Remember to breath, during this exercise. Perform this exercise at least five times during the day. This will help you stretch your whole body.

Stretching Exercise # 5

This stretch will require you to stand. You can bend next to a wall while facing forward. This simple exercise requires you to do the following:
1. Bend over to touch your toes.
2. Maintain position for 15 to 20 seconds.

If you are not able touch your toes, at least try to touch the front of your calves. This exercise will be effective even if you can’t touch your toes.

These stretches for lower back pain will help out reduce your overall lower back. They will work all of your muscles, specifically those which affect your lower back and the areas that cause your lower back pain. If you follow these stretching exercises, you should notice a significant different in your lower back pain problems.

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