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hair loss treatmentA common question both men and women will ask is “how much hair loss is normal?”. They may notice hair loss when they brush or comb their hair or when they awake in the morning to find lengths of hair on their pillow. Hair Loss Treatment.

Hair Loss Treatment

Occasionally such hair loss can last for weeks or even months so it can be quite worrying for the individual involved. When the problem looks like it will not resolve itself naturally many people will consider medical treatment such as topical or oral medications. In extreme cases of hair loss some men will turn to hair transplant surgery which has shown great results but is an expensive option. There are of course acceptable amounts of hair loss so not all instances should cause concern. But how will you know how much hair loss is normal for you?

How much hair loss is normal is relative to each individual and this is not a simple answer. Experts disagree on the actual amounts that are normal but somewhere between 35-105 per day is considered normal. Factors such as age, health or hair and type of skin must be reflected upon when consider what is normal for each person so these figures are purely a guideline.

Things that may adversely impact your rate of hair loss are such things as diet, rapid loss of weight, high degrees of stress, illness, various medications the individual may be taking, the normal effects of aging, low iron in the blood stream and many others. Also there is such a thing as ‘seasonal hair loss’ which is completely normal as the hair goes through it’s normal growing cycles. Autumn is usually the season that hair reaches it’s last stage of maturity and so October till December can see increased hair loss. Hair Loss Treatment.

To find out how much hair loss is normal for yourself you can conduct a simple ‘pull test’. Take a section of about 55-65 hairs and pull it hard but not so hard that the whole clump comes out of your head. If you find you can pull out more than 10 hairs with ease then you should really consider seeing a medical expert. There is another test that you can do that is much more effective but equally as simple to perform.

Wash your hair as you normally would then dry it as usual. Leave for over 11 hours as you would before going to bed. In 13 hours comb your hair very well but not too hard and take a look at the amount of hair that comes out. If you are able to find more than 45 hairs you have reason to be concerned and you have answered the question “how much hair loss is normal?”. Hair Loss Treatment.
Don’t confuse hair loss with normal breaking of the hair. This is a very common mistake that both men and women make and can lead to high anxiety for no reason. Chemicals, heat damage and other normal day to day activities can cause hair breakages.How much hair loss is normal for men and women is a much debated topic but if you’ve conducted the tests above and are still concerned then you should consult a specialist. Hair Loss Treatment.
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