How To Decrease Hair Loss – You Must Read It

How To Decrease Hair LossIf you are a female and while in the shower many strands of hair fall out, you are not alone. In the United States, one out of four women experience hair loss. Hair loss in women is about as common as hair loss in men but the causes, the appearance and the effects are not the same. How To Decrease Hair Loss.

How To Decrease Hair Loss

Women’s hair loss generally starts later in life, while in their early 30’s, where as men see hair loss in their 20’s. Women are also notorious for taking their hair loss harder than men since it is considered a symbol of a woman’s youth and beauty. Many women have beautiful hair, and for that to suddenly start to thin and fall away can be a rather traumatic event.

Who doesn’t know a little girl who loves to play “dress up?” Brushing hair, making braids and putting in clips is a right of little girl passage. So when that little girl grows up and begins to lose that hair, you can bet that they will seek out a female hair loss treatment.

Hair loss in women does not necessarily mean it is anything to do with your hair. There are medical reasons a women loses her hair. For instance, a common hormonal problem called polycystic ovary syndrome and certain forms of autoimmune disorders can cause hair loss.

As women age, it’s not uncommon to experience some anemia or underlying thyroid problems. A symptom of these issues is hair loss. There are numerous reasons why hair loss occurs, but the emotional pain continues despite the reason. No reason will erase the fact that hair loss changes the way you see and feel about yourself.

If you, or someone you care about, are experiencing hair loss, you know that it is no simple matter. Both men and women worry about the problem, but research proves that women put far more significance on the appearance of their hair. Female hair loss treatments are easily available. However, it is best to first talk with your doctor to rule out any underlying issues responsible for the hair loss.

The truth is that the vast majority of us just wish that cloud of boldness above our heads would just go away. Its a sign of aging some people think of as a distinguishing feature. The reality is hair loss is something that most men fear.

Before you attempt to re-grow your hair you must take a serious look at what factors have caused your hair loss in the first place. If its a genetic feature like male pattern baldness all the hair re-growth products in the world will not help until you’re willing to address this fact. If you have a health problem or stress that is causing your hair to fall out you must address those problems. The fact is that your whole body is like a massive herb garden that the health of one plant can and will affect the health of all the other plants around it.

Certain chemical that you may work with or drugs you may be taking could all effect your hair loss. The truth is that the healthier you are and the better the choices you make with your health the happier you will be and the better your body will respond to what life has to through at it. The loss of your hair is a very stressful thing that can be like a cascading effect. Lose your job stresses the body placing extra toxins in your blood stream these toxins end up in your hair causing some of your hair to fallout witch stresses you out more.

The first step is to research and determine what is causing your hair loss. Then you can decide on a cource of action hair re-growth or hair re-placement. Genetic hair loss is best treated by hair transplant technologies. Doctors for years have been very successful with attaining very natural results for people with these kinds of genetic ailments. That is not to say that the ingredients that are in some hair re-growth products would not help in the hair replacement presses but that is up to you and your doctor.

Androgen is the hormone that is responsible for hair growth in your body. What happens in some men is that an enzyme called 5 alpha attaches itself to the androgen hormone which in turn allows testosterone to adhere to the Androgen hormone. The result is that instead of promoting hair growth the hybrid hormone called Dihydrotestosterone or DHT for short dramatically shortens your hair’s growth cycle.

There are three distinct life cycles your hair goes through Anagen, Categen and Tologen. The Anagen cycle which last two to six years and is when your hair is healthy and growing. Categen is when your hair starts to thin and your hair follicles start to shrink. This phase lasts for a few weeks. The third Cycle Tologen is when your hair falls out to make room for new hair follicles. The problem with DHT is that it not only shortens your hairs natural life spam of two to six years it acts to prevent the new hair follicles from forming.

Minoxidil the only government approved hair loss ingredient acts to block the adhesion of the 5 Alfa enzyme to your natural hair growth hormone Androgen. By doing so allows your natural hair regrowth process to start a new. This process can take some time depending upon the amount of damage the DHT hormone has done to your hair follicles.
For natural healthy hair ingredients like vitamin B6, Biotin, Magnesium, Zinc, Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle leaf, Pumpkin Seed, Eleuthero Root, Uva-Ursi Root and Muira Puama all work to create the perfect conditions for naturally healthy hair and hair re-growth. These are the ingredients that are like the super fertilizer.

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Statistics show baldness as extremely common. The odds are you will know a few people who are affected by hair loss. But what are the things you should look for to prevent further balding?
The prevention and treatment of hair loss is impossible. With the pioneering procedure of hair cloning, this could not be less true. Even though it is correct that the further progressed you are on the Hamilton-Norwood Scale has a profound effect on how easy it is to regain your hair, it is certainly a lie to think that no options are available to you: however much hair you have.

It is incredibly important to keep care of your head if you are bald during the summer months. If you like in hotter climates, it can be quite easy to be sunburned. It is important to make sure that you apply sunscreen regularly if you are outdoors during sunshine hours.

From the penultimate stage 6, the anterior and vertex measurements join, as the severity of the baldness means that there are no defining points between the two. At this rate, medication is not recommended; however wigs and hats can prove viable options. A more surgical and permanent alternative can be hair cloning.
A question to consider is: Do members of my family suffer from hair loss of baldness? If the answer is yes, the chances of you being affected by hair loss are increased. It is scientifically proven that hair loss can be passed on genetically from any member of your close family.

Being bald is a distinguishing characteristic. In memory tests conducted by scientists, people surveyed were shown to have better memory of the facial features of bald men than those who had hair. The experiment concluded that having no hair made you more memorable.

Diet accounts for the condition of a lot of things relating to the body, hair is one of them. Making sure that you get all of the right vitamins and minerals can put you on the course to replenishing your hair loss if it is more significant than normal hair cycles. It is scientifically proven that iron deficiency can result in the thinning of hair; eating foods like red meat and pulses can reverse this.

Some natural remedies include the incorporation of green tea into the diet. Studies have revealed that green tea can half the levels of DHT, which are primarily responsible for baldness. Options can include capsules, or alternatively drinking up to 5 cups of the tea daily to give the recommended daily allowance.

The last stage is stage 7, where any hair remaining has receded to the base of the head and just above the ears. Recovering hair at this stage is exceptionally difficult. Hair transplants are now no longer possible.

There is some hope for a more permanent option, with the pioneering technology of hair cloning on the horizon. The procedure is still being evaluated by scientists and will not be mainstream for a while, however initial tests and trials have proven to be incredibly successful. It is incredibly likely that a hair cloning procedure would be exceptionally expensive when launched publicly, which means that it may not be a viable option for millions of men who could benefit.

It can be said that caring and maintaining your scalp takes as much maintenance as hair does. Done correctly, the bald look can be incredibly appealing and can reduce the signs of aging. Don’t be afraid to take the time to do the job

Over the last few decades hair loss treatments have become substantially more effective. Following some significant scientific breakthroughs about the role of DHT in hair loss the best hair loss treatments now use proprietary DHT blockers. Let’s examine what DHT is and how DHT blockers to combat your hair loss.

DHT is an androgen. This is a compound that is formed in the body and which is important in the development of the male characteristics such as voice and sexual characteristics. DHT comes from the male hormone called testosterone. It is formed in various areas in the body including the testes, prostate and in particular their hair follicles.

DHT is responsible for controlling the development of male characteristics such as hair, including facial hair, during puberty.

There is a condition called androgenic alopecia. You probably know it better as male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness is genetic and the role of the genes in the process of hair loss is now much better understood. Basically it relates to the development of DHT in a man’s body. DHT also has a role for women in female pattern baldness.

It seems to be the case that those who have inherited the genes responsible male pattern baldness develop much more DHT in their bodies than those who do not, and it is the DHT is responsible for the loss of hair.
Estimates are that up to 95 percent of hair loss is caused by DHT. How To Decrease Hair Loss – You Must Read It.

Effectively what happens is that the Dihydrotestosterone gathers around the base of the hair follicle and strangles the hair by means of reducing the amount of nutrients available to that hair follicle. It forms a sort of waxy base around the hair follicle.

Adequate nutrition is essential for good hair health and as the DHT reduces the amount of nutrients available to the hair the hair becomes weaker than and reproduces less successfully. How To Decrease Hair Loss – You Must Read It.

As you can see the role of DHT in hair loss is significant and so the role of DHT blockers is also extremely significant. New research has shown that by inhibiting the role of Dihydrotestosterone in the body it is possible to regrow hair that would have been lost without the role of the DHT blocker. How To Decrease Hair Loss – You Must Read It.

The most well-known of the DHT inhibitors is called minoxidil and this is the 1st and only DHT blocker that has been approved by the FDA to use as a hair loss treatment. Research shows clearly that minoxidil works well however if you have a bald head will still not work to regrow your hair. How To Decrease Hair Loss – You Must Read It.

The very best hair loss treatments using minoxidil go one further however. I have previously mentioned how important good nutrition is in hair health. The very best baldness treatment uses of minoxidil as the active DHT blocker but also provides a wide range of essential hair nutrients to be taken orally.

Many products just provide the minoxidil. It is important that minoxidil blocks the role of DHT but it is equally important that a wide range of essential hair nutrients be supplied as well.

One product does this extremely successfully. How To Decrease Hair Loss – You Must Read It.

I hope this is helped in understanding importance of DHT blockers in baldness treatments gives you some extra information on how to tackle your thinning hair problem.

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