How To Get A Toned Stomach In One Month

how to get a toned stomachSo you’ve decided you want to trim that belly up and get some tone going, but you haven’t a clue how to go about it. But you aren’t sure which ab device you want to buy to help you get there. I’m going to stop you right there. If you want to develop your core muscles, you don’t need to buy silly contraptions, they don’t work. If you follow this blog you are well aware of that. You need the right facts and a real plan, here’s how to get a toned stomach in one month. How to get a toned stomach – read this post carefully.


Real ab workouts, learn what they are. In this blog, you can read many articles on getting six pack abs doing the right exercises. The problem most people have today with getting the body they want is they give in to bogus marketing materials they see on TV. Look, there isn’t a device in the world that’s going to easily bust out that stomach fat and get you flat six pack abs. You need to work hard for it.

The right foods, make better choices right now. Many so-called healthy foods you see and read about in the news are actually bogus, as well as any and all fat burner pills claiming to shed the fat off your belly. The fact is, most of these products simply exhaust your adrenal glands, making your body feel tired, without actually getting any real benefit from it. Also, if you are contemplating getting on the diet, please stop. Diets don’t work, all you really need is to choose better foods, be smarter about your eating behavior. By eating the right foods, you’re 80% there already. I’m serious.

Get in the right mindset. If you don’t have the will to persevere, will you get any results? Ask yourself this, if you don’t take action right now, when will you get that nice toned body? What is stopping you from working towards your goal? Get motivated, stay on it, and you’ll get results. Bottom line.

Manage your time, give some priority to your fitness goals. Working out and eating better doesn’t take that much extra effort. If you have a morning commute, and most people do, try to work around that by putting some exercise time directly after work before the drive home. You might even have access to a local gym close to your workplace. If it means you have extra time to exercise, the membership fee might actually be worth it.

Here’s how to get a toned stomach in one month without a gym membership. All you need is a couple of pieces of equipment, and you’ll have everything you need to get nice and toned. You don’t really need all of these, but your results will be a lot quicker if you do use them all. You’ll need a medicine ball, ankle weights, and a simple set of dumbbells.

Start your first week by doing power cardio with the ankle weights on. I personally started with a 2-pound pair and found it effective. Depending on your body, I wouldn’t start out with a heavy pair of ankle weights. Power cardio with ankle weights is just what it sounds like. You can jog in place with the ankle weights, or perform short bursts of high-speed sprints. You want to get a good stretch and warm up before you begin each session. This exercise is so effective that you might lose 3-5 pounds in the first week.

Medicine ball ab workouts. What makes the medicine ball so awesome is the dual grip design, it’s very easy to hold it when exercising. What I like to do are toe touch raises, and Russian v-twists, amazing for sizzling out your stomach. Here’s a video of some of these exercises.

There are so many exercises you can do with dumbbells. You can work your entire upper body with just dumbbells alone. You could even use them to do pushups. Here is a small list of exercises you can do with dumbbells: arm curls, triceps extension, back rows, weighted lunges, weighted squats, overhead press, triceps dips, chest fly, chest press, and many others.

Change these exercises up every week, and within one month you should be a lot more toned from all of the workouts. Combine these exercises with the right mindset and better choices of foods, and you should get a toned stomach in one month without any real problems. One thing I always need to state, however, is that you should always be ready to perform all exercises without sustaining injury; warm up and stretch 100% before starting an exercise session. I recently sustained muscle damage from overdoing it without warming up enough, safety first!


If you are that much tight on time that you absolutely cannot squeeze even just 20 minutes per day for exercising, then there is still hope. You can still get a nice toned flat stomach with just eating the right foods, but since you don’t have time to workout, you are going to have to speed up your metabolism to hyperdrive by eating 6-8 very small meals per day. By eating the better foods found on Isabel’s Diet Solution, you can effectively trim out the belly fat from your stomach if followed everyday. You’ll learn how many “healthy” foods are actually preventing you from losing weight, and which ‘super’ foods you should be eating to not only help you burn fat but to develop a clean tone.
Did you know that by eating better to get a nice flat stomach, you are already 80 percent of the way there?
Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.

While exercising will help build muscle, it’s the eating that enables your body to really shine. If you take away one thing from this article, it’s that food play the biggest role in helping you get a nice, flat, and toned stomach.
Ending note: There is never a real excuse as to why you haven’t been able to get a nice toned stomach.

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