Keep Your Skin Healthy While You Travel

Keep Your Skin HealthyThose who travel a lot have many things to worry about. Flight delays, all kinds of hotels, changing weathers, food and water all take a toll on the overall health of frequent travelers. When health is so easily affected, how can the skin do well? And it surely gets affected for worse. So frequent travelers need to take good care of their skin as they are on-the-go. Having a few good skin care tips can help you stay out of the numerous skin problems you may have to face as you are on the move. Keep Your Skin Healthy While You Travel.

Keep Your Skin Healthy While You Travel

An out-of-town business trip would definitely bring jet-lags and restlessness out of sleepless nights, but even in this condition if you want to look bright and vibrant, all you need is healthy skin. If a lot of your time goes in traveling, there is a need to prepare a proper skin care regimen specifically for your time spent away from your home. To follow such regimen while away from home, it is very necessary that you carry all the stuff required for your skin care regimen along with you. This would help you to stay away from any new skin issues arising from the changes in skin care products you are used to. Keep Your Skin Healthy While You Travel.

Check that You’ve Got All You Need

Just as you check other important things to carry during traveling like your passport, visa, wallet, credit cards, watch and other stuff, take out some time to check if you have packed all important skin care products too. Giving prior attention to check what you can carry, what amount of the stuff is needed and if the product is available in packages of size just as much as you need will save you some time and fuss at the last moment. Also, check that you’ve taken only as much stuff as you need otherwise you’ll have to waste time and find an extra bag to carry the stuff. Once you know all that is important for your time on the move, you’ll easily manage stuff that would help you to take care of your skin when you are away from your home.

Shop SmartIf you take a bit of care and shop smartly, you’ll find out that you can limit the list of your skin care products to very few important ones that will suffice all your needs. Here are some of products that are quite essential for skin care:Moisturizer/Sun Screen Lotion: You never know how much you would be required to be under the sun during your travel, so having a moisturizer with a good SPF ratio will help you to screen your skin from the harmful sun rays. Even if you wish to skip a dedicated sun screen lotion, a good moisturizer with sun screen elements would be very beneficial.

Cleansing Wipes:

Cleansing wipes come as a great rescue to wipe off the dust and excess oil on your face and cleanse it thoroughly even when you cannot find water or don’t have time to follow a proper cleansing regimen for the skin.Facial Foam with Scrub: Always avoid soaps for washing the face. Use a facial foam instead, which is less harsh on the facial skin. While traveling, a facial foam with contents of a scrub would be very beneficial. While you travel, your face would be covered with a layer of dust and other harmful chemicals in the form of the pollutants around us. So, a facial foam with elements of scrub in it would be very beneficial.

Face Cream/Lotion:

Don’t forget to carry a face cream or lotion you generally use on a daily basis.The face needs proper moisturization and the cream would serve the purpose of providing the same. But having a cream that you always use would deprive you of any side effects that might come with the use of any new products.Lip Balm: A lip balm can be very useful and needs very small space. You can always carry one in your purse to give that plum, fresh look to your lips.

Any other Skin Cream Prescribed by Your Dermatologist:

If your dermatologist has prescribed you some cream or ointment for the skin, don’t forget to carry it along with you. If you break the routine of applying the ointment to your skin even for a few days, the process of recovery gets halted and is hard to regain.

Check the Packaging:

Avoid spilled out creams, lotions, perfumes and other skin products. Take some time to check that all the skin care products you carry along are properly packed and that all that you are carrying is ideal for traveling. Here are some tips to avoid this mess of dealing with spilled stuff:-Put liquid products like oil, shampoo or shower items in separate plastic bags-Check the flips and tube covers if they are loose.

If they are, put tape over them.If you are refilling smaller bottles with shampoo or conditioner from big bottles, take care that you fill them enough with the product. Otherwise, you’ll have hard time in getting it out if it is less.-If you are finding it difficult to refill the smaller bottles, buy a small funnel that you would very easily get in the kitchen section of any grocery store. They are inexpensive and very useful.-Avoid glass bottles for any of your product.-Take care of the powder compacts as they have the tendency to break very easily.

Instead, you can carry loose powder that comes in packages of any size you want; they are pretty handy. Try to Retain the Natural Moisture of Your Skin The skin is already under a lot of stress while you travel. It gets exposed to various climates and is very easily deprived of its natural moisture. Try and stay hydrated, both from inside your body as well as outside. Drink a lot of water, fresh fruit juices and strictly avoid alcohol or alcoholic drinks. Apply moisturizer over the skin just before you leave for your air journey, as air travel can very easily and hugely dehydrate the skin.

Consider Climatic Conditions

If you are going to a place where the climatic conditions are different from the place you are generally used to live, you might need to take extra care of the skin. You need to consider the climatic conditions you are going to face and plan your skin care regimen and choose products accordingly. If the place you are going to visit is hot and humid, you must take some more moisturizing stuff along. If the place you are visiting is humid, you might need light skin care products that are less in moisturizing oils. Keep Your Skin Healthy While You Travel.

Keep the Hair Simple

Don’t experiment much with your hair. Keep your hair care regimen limited to only a few of basic things like shampooing and conditioning. Carry a hairspray if you wish or a de-tangling hair solution. If you feel you would not find time to wash the hair frequently, carry a small sized dry shampoo that can be very useful. Still, take care that you wash the hair at-least once in a couple of days. The pollution and dust would otherwise lead to dandruff, hair fall and hair breakage.A tiny hair dryer that needs very small space, but is as powerful as a big hair dryer would be a boon if you love to wash your hair daily. Also, carry your own hair brushes; they are small and can easily fit in your handbags. These hair styling tools, if chosen of the right size, would not take much space in your luggage and can be very helpful while you travel. Keep Your Skin Healthy While You Travel.

Think Small for a Change

You do not have to carry bottles of every product you need. Now-a-days, everything you need comes in the form of towelettes, easy to handle, small sized, and spill-proof and contain things just as much as you need. You can carry towelettes of your skin cream, moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen lotion, make-up remover and everything else you can think of. There are small sized packs of everything you need. When you are out shopping someday, watch-out for the small kits having pre-packed collection of all the beauty products you need. Keep this stuff in a drawer or separate bag so that the next time you are traveling, you know where to look for the proper things for your skin care. Keep Your Skin Healthy While You Travel.
If you pack your luggage well and have small sized options ready of everything you need, you would not have to leave anything behind just for the sake of saving space. Do a bit of planning and rest assured that you have with you everything you need to keep your skin healthy. Remember, a healthy skin is very important to be self-confident and the confidence itself makes a person bright and beautiful.

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