Lower Back Pain Symptoms That You Should Know

Lower Back Pain SymptomsLower back pain symptoms can range in a variety of feelings, areas, and intensities.  There are many causes for lower back pain, but one must understand their symptoms in order to get a diagnosis.

Lower back pain symptoms

Symptoms can be in any area of your back from the lower area, to the middle, or even the upper back.  You may have shooting pains, aches, a small minor twinge, or even severe agony.  Back pain symptoms help you get an idea of what might be wrong with your back and whether you can remedy the problem yourself or if you should make a trip to see the doctor.

Some back pain symptoms might cause pain to shoot down into your legs with a burning or a tingling.  This type of back pain symptom generally means you have Sciatica, which is pain distressing a nerve that extends in your lower back.

Some back pain symptoms offer stiffness along the spinal cord.  Other back pain symptoms might offer a more localized discomfort in a specific area like maybe the neck or tailbone could be caused by a recent encounter with lifting of heavy objects.

Many people suffer from aching of the back of the neck in the upper back that is normally due to sitting at a desk during a normal workday.  Another one of the common lower back pain symptoms is lower back pain from standing too much.  Additionally, a back pain symptom could be back spasms or even a pulled muscle.

Some back pain will cause a decrease in core strength.  Lack of core strength can also be a reason for back pain.  Being overweight could increase back pain symptoms, as the extra weight the body has to carry is hard on the back.

There are some back pain symptoms that you should contact your doctor if you find yourself contending with, such as numbness or losing control of your arms and legs.  This could mean that your spine has endured damage.  If your lower back pain symptoms begins to shoot pain down the back of your legs you will need medical treatment.  A doctor will also be needed if your symptoms of back pain increase when you bend, which could be a symptom of a herniated disc.  One more of the back pain symptoms that you might have if you are over the age of 50 is a dull pain in a certain area of the spine when you go to lie in bed or try to get out of bed.  This dull back pain symptom could be Osteoarthritis.

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