Beach Umbrella for Maximum Skin Care Protection

Skin Care ProtectionIt is always fun to have a vacation or holiday at the beach and to have a beach umbrella with you is the must have in order for you and your family to enjoy fun-filled days in the sun. Skin Care Protection.


A trip to the beach is a wonderful gift to you and your family. It is always wonderful to sunbathe and play in the water, but no matter how fun it would be, you have to make sure that you are all safe from the damaging sun rays, so it’s also wise for you to bring a beach umbrella along in case you need or want a break.

Children and pets especially need protection against the elements and you want to provide that on the beach, without trekking back to the hotel or condo. The beach umbrella is a must-have to protect you from the damaging UV rays whenever it gets too hot or too sunny.

When I go to the beach I love being outside in the sun all day, but I also want a break and if you do not have your own umbrella, there will always be one in the beach that can be rented daily or hourly. Now that would be expensive of course, but if you plan to go to the beach often you should consider buying one for your frequent travels.
Beach umbrellas provide a relaxed shelter and protect us from ultraviolet rays. You can spend a great day at the beach in a relaxing way under this umbrella without exposing your skin to the sun.

A portable beach umbrella can be taken with you on vacation. In this way, you can be assured that you’ll never be without a shade when you’re ready. Rentals are available at most popular beach destinations.

These can be had by the half-day, day, week etc. Prices begin at around $20 for the week (beach umbrella only). You may also rent other equipment as part of the package. Such items as chairs, floaties, coolers, skim boards, beach carts may be available depending on the vendor. Shop around for your rentals before you go!

One main problem when you rent your umbrella is that you have to get up early morning so you can get one, because if not, you might decide to go home early because you’re too hot and the sun has burnt your skin. But keep in mind that if ever you decide to spend the entire day at the beach, you may need the beach umbrella along with sun protection in SPF lotions and a hat.

If you are going to buy a portable beach umbrella, sunscreen of SPF 30 or more is recommended, depending on the time you’ll spend in the sun. I would also recommend umbrellas with carrier bags since this is very practical and it would be easier for you to carry all your goodies with you, like your toiletries, towels, blankets and your favorite beach toys. It would be wiser for you to invest in a good quality with SPF protection umbrella if you want it to last several beach seasons. Skin Care Protection.

Choose a larger umbrella in order to have a sufficient shade for your entire body and your loved ones who need protection against harmful sunburns. There are all kinds of umbrellas available in the market today in different colors, fabrics, and pole. The poles used for these kinds of umbrellas are usually made of wood or aluminum, if you want a traditional look, go for a wood pole. These are most commonly used in resorts and outdoor eateries.

Now if we talk about greater strength and durability, then I would recommend that you use the aluminum pole. It also has a strong resistance to fading and discoloration which is often seen in poles of wood. The canopy or umbrella itself should be made of a fabric that is resistant to molds and stains. The aluminum undercoating blocks the sunlight and provides the higher SPF ratings.

I recommend that you consider a beach umbrella that has a strong fabric, most especially a canvas. These are a wise investment for you providing the umbrella is water resistant and has SPF30+ for a more protection. An umbrella would also be better if it has a tip that has a pointed or spaded end to get it deeper into the sand thus making it stronger even in high winds.

You can purchase different types of beach umbrellas online as well as in any local shops if you don’t live near a beach. In order to have a unique umbrella and to make it stand out among other umbrellas, you can always choose to have custom made umbrellas. Skin Care Protection.

Research online for resort beach umbrellas or commercial grade umbrellas.
Learn more about resort style beach umbrellas. Stop by Annie Shelton’s site where you can find out all about quality beach umbrellas for your days at the beach. Skin Care Protection.

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