Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Natural Hair Loss TreatmentNatural hair loss treatment is a good choice for those who suffer with all kinds of hair loss. Treating hair loss naturally become a trend for treating hair problems and the media today plays an important role in popularizing the trend. However, there are some critics too, who argued that the treatment of hair problems can not be done naturally and natural supplements for hair that is not possible.

Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Most of the people and specially those who suffer from hair loss with a good hypothesis should trust or should be rejected and in case one has either the advantages or disadvantages something. Generally, people are looking for hair loss treatment options end up with biased and distorted reports which do not serve the purpose.
So if you are suffering from one with the hair loss then you should seek the best solution for the treatment, either natural or drug treatment or something else.

Because your food plays an important role in making your body and your body perform different tasks, it is very important for you to analyze foods for protein and vitamin content. You can also choose foods to treat your hair loss hair loss naturally. Hair loss natural food supplements are gaining popularity these days. However, no significant evidence available to support the logic if dietary supplements help in treating hair problems or not.

Because the food you eat for instil overall health of your body and hair is part of your body, you should find the following key supplements in your diet, assuming the fact that your hair loss problems can be the cause of the nutrients in your diet:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is important in maintaining the health of body and hair. It also works with silica and zinc to prevent clogging and drying of the sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands produce a fluid called sebum that is very important in producing a lubricant for the hair follicles.

Due to lack of vitamin A your scalp becomes thick and dry hair that causes dandruff and hair loss eventually filled.
The air is bad, very bright light, some cholesterol medications, laxatives and aspirin, etc. often lead to hair problems.

Alcohol deficient in vitamin A.

Consumption of vitamin A are more than 25,000 IU per day regularly for nine months also cause hair loss.
To meet the vitamin A from your body, you must consume foods such as fish oil, fortified milk, liver, red / yellow spinach and oranges.

Vitamin B6, B12, Folic Acid

All of these three vitamins are very important in maintaining hemoglobin levels in the blood. Hemoglobin ensures the supply of oxygen from the lungs to body tissues. So, if your body is deficient in vitamin third skin then your hair will suffer.

All of the three vitamins are vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid, to work together so you should have from each to meet the needs of these vitamins in your body.
To ensure an adequate supply of B vitamins for your body, you must consume foods such as liver, fish, chicken, pork, soybean and kidney, etc.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C ensures the health of collagen in your body. Collagen is necessary to hold tightly to your body tissues. Lack of vitamin C in your body can lead to disunity and broken ends of hair.
To ensure adequate supply of vitamin C in your body, you eat foods, such as fresh peppers, citrus fruits, melons berries, potatoes, tomatoes and green leafy vegetables, etc. Natural hair loss treatment.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E in your body are responsible for healthy blood circulation and oxygen supply to the scalp. Vitamin E deficiency is usually due to the inability of the body to absorb the oils and fats.
To ensure sufficient supply of vitamin E in your body, you must consume foods such as green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, and ready to eat cereal, etc. Natural hair loss treatment.

Iron (Heme)

This is the type of iron found in leafy green vegetables. Heme is completely different from the iron derived from red meat. A good source of iron is heme; green leafy vegetables, kidney beans, and bran.
To ensure the supply of heme iron in your body, you must have to consume food items. Natural hair loss treatment.


Zinc produces cells and teaches for growth and tissue repair. Zinc also promotes oily scalp and hair follicles.
To ensure adequate supply of zinc in your body, you have to eat seafood such as shellfish, etc. Natural hair loss treatment.


Iodine is essential for the health of your body and hair health. To maintain adequate levels of iodine in your body, you must consume foods such as seaweed, salmon, seafood, lima beans, molasses, egg and potato (without skin), watercress and garlic.


Protein is essential for the body and healthy hair. Eat meat, fish, milk, cheese, eggs, and yogurt to maintain adequate supply of protein for your body.


Silica is also known as trace minerals. Silica deficiency in your body causing hair problems. Although your body needs these minerals in very small quantities that is only on the trail, but you must have to maintain that your body gets an adequate supply of silica per day.
Some food sources rich in silica are rice, wheat, lettuce, radishes, asparagus, onions, strawberries, cabbage, cucumber, scallions, sunflower seeds, celery, rhubarb, cauliflower and Swiss chard.
Having enough of these foods in your diet to maintain the desired amount of silica in your body. Natural hair loss treatment.

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