Skin Care Basics : An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

Skin Care BasicsA good packaging helps making a gift prettier and this is a tactic that every gift manufacturer follows. Just as the packaging is important for a gift, our skin is important for our body. The way you appear on the outer-self gives a different perspective to your inner-self.Advertisement. Skin Care Basics.

Skin Care Basics

Very commonly, skin care regimes are the most commonly opted self-care methods by almost every individual. Everyone cares about their skin; some follow methods to make it healthy, whereas some take precautions to keep it the way it naturally is. Everybody cares about their skin, and this is clearly observant from the fact that the markets out there are flooded with skin care products that also seem to do pretty well. While you get good looks with a healthy and glowing skin, this is not the only thing that comes with healthy skin. Healthy skin also brings multiple benefits. Skin Care Basics
The first benefit that comes to my mind is a positive effect on your own mentality, a boost in self confidence. With healthy and glowing skin, you tend to feel more energetic, positive, radiant and fresh, and a level of confidence is achieved wherein you can carry yourself with ease in the outside world. With confidence to carry yourself well, you can concentrate on other works and are quick in everything you do. The freshness adds to more enjoyment to your day and at the end, you end up feeling better. Not only you, but your environment and the people nearby are also affected with your freshness and you are adored by all. It is said that pretty people get more responses to their queries than the usual dull ones. Here, in no ways I mean to attach the tag of prettiness in relation to the person’s complexion or features. What I mean to say is that beauty is skin deep. With a healthy and glowing skin, every face looks beautiful. So, with good skin, you are sure to look pretty no matter how your other features are. When you glow from the outside, people tend to love being around you, to work with you or for you and so, you will always be welcome wherever you go. Skin Care Basics
Healthy skin proves to be detrimental in creating a pleasant and lively environment around you where people will feel fresh once they see you. In contrast, negligence and carelessness in skin-care can make your skin look dull and unattractive. Looking dull does not only affect people’s changed perspective towards you, but also makes yourself feel dull. You drop in your self-confidence and people you meet might not be as friendly as you expect. In fact, in early age, you could fall prey of start of aging process, which would make you look aged, before you actually reach that phase. Thus, you should never ignore your skin and take due care in keeping it healthy and glowing. In fact, skin care is not that difficult if a bit of extra care is taken. There are lots of skin care products in the market which work quite well too, but don’t fall for the false accusations made by the advertisements. The advertisements make use of all the image processing softwares and make-up products possible to make the drastic changes look real. When choosing a product, you should keep a practical mind and ask yourself as to what is actually possible after a limit and with these practical and real thoughts in your mind, you should choose the perfect product for yourself.
While you can make use of these products and make the skin glow temporarily, you need to follow a serious skin care routine for a permanent solution. Skin Care Basics
A personal skin care routine that we discuss here is not very complicated nor is it very expensive. But if you follow it seriously, you will find out the amount of time and money you paid in making it happen are very less compared to the results you achieved. Cleansing- Exfoliating- MoisturizingThe skin has to fight a lot of dirt and pollution every day. So, its outer layer needs to cleaned properly to ensure that all the dirt and pollution get out of the skin. So, a proper cleanser should be used to clean the skin properly. For all skin types, soap-free cleansers work well; they are not very harsh, but are good at their work of extracting excess dirt, oil and pollutants off the skin. You should cleanse your skin every night. Skin Care Basics
Our skin follows a natural process of removing the old, dead skin cells and replacing them with new skin cells. With exfoliation, you help your skin in achieving this process properly. It involves the use of a scrub, a cream like product which can be used for massaging skin softly. The minute rough particles in it help in removing the dead skin as you massage the skin and so, the generation of new skin cells is triggered. This procedure can be followed 2-3 times every week for a normal or oily skin, while once a week for dry and sensitive skin.

Skin MoisturizationThe next thing that should be strictly followed after exfoliation is moisturizing. While exfoliation takes out the dead cells and excess oil, it also deprives the skin of the moisturizing fluids it needs to keep itself from drying out. So, chose a moisturizer according to your skin type and keep the skin moisturized. Even when you have not done exfoliation, keep on following this procedure, as keeping the skin moist is as important as watering a plant, without which the plant would simply die. allskincaretips | September 21, 2012 | Leave your commentAthlete’s feet is a common skin condition characterized by flaky, cracked, itchy and peeled skin. The condition is actually the result of a fungal infection of the feet caused by the fungi Trichophyton, also called the ringworm of the feet. This fungi has the tendency of affecting wet or dump area on the feet like the skin between the toes, the soles of feet or other areas of the feet which remain covered for most of the time like the sides or top of the feet. Athlete’s feet can be treated before they start getting worse, and they do become worse if proper care is not taken at the right time. Skin Care Basics
The condition is scientifically known as tenia pedis. It is estimated that men who mostly wear shoes quite frequently are more prone to fall for this condition than women. The fungi causing this condition is a form of ringworm and has the tendency to affect other body parts like groin, inner part of thighs or the scalp, meaning, the condition is contagious. It can spread through touch to your own body parts and to others as well. SymptomsIf you have some or all of the following conditions, you should consider taking medical advice to see if you are suffering from Athlete’s feet:

Flaky, dry, red, itchy Skin

Broken and peeled skin

Blisters or scales, sometimes filled with fluid
CausesIt must be known till now that a fungal infection is the reason behind the condition. The fungi, Trichophyton, has the tendency to attack and grow in moist, damp body parts. The following are the main reasons why this condition occurs:Wetness in the feet due to wet shoes, socks or keeping the feet closed for longer durationsExcessive sweating in the feetSkin or nail injuries causing cuts that get ignored, especially in areas between the toesSharing used socks and shoes of people who have this problemPreventionThe best way to prevent the occurrence of any disease is to understand its causes and take care that you avoid them. Now that we have mentioned the causes, it is easy to prevent this skin issue by taking care that you avoid the causes of it. Doing this shall require the following:

Remove wet and damp clothes, shoes, socks as soon as you can, so that the skin remains dry. When wiping off the moisture, do not forget the area between the toes. This part of the feet needs special care, as it is easily ignored and is most susceptible for the start of the disease.

Exfoliate the feet regularly to remove the dry, dead skin which feeds Trichophyton. Exfoliation also keeps the skin smooth, which is another advantage. Skin Care Basics

Compulsorily wear cotton socks that can absorb 100% moisture if your feet sweat a lot. Keep the socks clean and change them frequently. Never wear the same pair of sock all the week long, change them after every two to three days.

Take care that the shoes you wear are completely dry. Choose shoes which have proper ventilation and which are made up of natural material like genuine weather. You can also choose to alternate the shoes after every few days to ensure that the shoes get time to get dry. Avoid shoes with plastic linings.

Never share shoes or socks with someone else. You never know if the person has the fungal infection which is contagious.

Never go bare-feet at public places like public pools, showers or washrooms. Skin Care Basics, Skin Care Basics.

Avoid being in water for longer durations if possible. If not, dry them properly when you’re done with your work. You can also choose feet drying and antifungal powders. TreatmentThere are effective medicines in the market that can help to eradicate the skin problem from its root. For this, it is required that you follow all the instructions properly and take the proper set of medicines prescribed. If you leave the treatment mid-way, the condition may worsen or return back. The doctor may also choose to drain the blisters to avoid them from rupturing, in which case the fungal infection may reach to other body parts.
For treating this skin disease, it is advised that correct diagnosis be made as soon as you realize that you have fallen prey to it. You can study the rashes on your toes and feet regularly to see if they still keep growing after you have followed all precautionary measures or have applied some home remedies. If the rash turns to be a painful, red, itchy, swelled and peeled off skin patch and you feel that it is causing you fever, you should seek medical attention at the earliest. A dermatologist will properly diagnose the condition for you and prescribe correct medicines. There are many over-the-counter ointments, powders and sprays that work very effectively over the disease. Oral medicines are also available in the market which work in reducing the fungal infection. Skin Care Basics, Skin Care Basics.
Do not cut the course of medicines prescribed by your doctor mid-way. If the fungi is not eradicated from its root, there are grave chances that it might return back soon. This will not only ruin all your efforts of treating it for some period, but can also make the condition worse. When you start taking your medication, you might feel that the condition is getting better after some period. But skin problems are not as simple as cough and cold. You need to complete the course of medicines prescribed so that the problem is cured until its root. Complications AssociatedWhen ignored and untreated for long, this skin disease can invade other body parts and due to its contagious nature, it can also spread to other people. The fungus can start invading the legs, hands, nails of the hands and toes, the scalp and slowly reach to other body parts as well.
The fungus mostly does not invade very deeper parts of the body and most likely grows on the surface. There are almost no evidences that show that the fungus has reached the bloodstream of a patient. Skin Care Basics, Skin Care Basics.
When the condition is limited to the skin only, it is quite easily eradicated with proper medication but once it starts affecting nails of the hands and toes, it becomes very difficult to cure.
Fungal infections break the natural protective barrier of the skin. Such broken skin can be very easily invaded by other bacteria and yeasts, some of which can also lead to other infections and foul smell, and other complications may be induced in the skin.
So, it is very important that you take every precaution to save yourself from any such infections in the very first place. If they still prevail, seek medical attention as soon as possible. allskincaretips | September 21, 2012 | Leave your commentCracked heels and toes are very common skin problems that affect most people around the globe. The main reason the can be attributed towards the cause of this problem is dry and thick skin around the edge of the heel. Our feet is also the only body part which is under huge mechanical pressure as we move our body, stand up, sit down, walk or run. Overall, as much as we apply pressure to it, the heel can have cracks, which split open if not treated on time. Heel cracks, which are also called heel fissures, can be very painful and also bleed when spread deep. Not only this, the cracks can also make way for fungi and viruses to enter our body and cause infections and other complications. CausesThe main cause can be attributed to dryness or insufficient moisture in feet. The dryness again, can be attributed to one or several of the reasons mentioned below:

Dehydration, not enough body water content

Using harsh soaps on the feet or being in contact with detergents for longer durations

Frequently using very hot water for bath or shower

Climatic condition: winter or cold

Not moisturizing the feet enough

When skin becomes dry, it looses its capacity to stretch properly, i.e., it looses its elasticity. Every time some mechanical pressure is applied on the feet, it gets stretched. If it is moist enough, it stretches and regains its natural state when the pressure is removed. But dry skin isn’t capable of doing this. When it stretches, it fails to regain its natural state in absence of elasticity and breaks instead. Slowly and steadily, small breakages start converting to larger cuts and finally the heel is cracked with many such breaks. Risk FactorsObesity and diabetes are generally considered as two of the main risk factors causing heel fissures. In diabetes, uncontrolled sugar level in the blood brings about damages to nerves in the feet, thus making the skin dry. Diabetics are in-fact much prone to other infections as well for which, cracked heels can become the reason for invasion of bacteria and fungi. So, diabetics should take care of even the simplest bruises on their feet, before it turns out to become a heel crack.Obesity is another well known reason for this skin problem. The feet of an obese person will naturally have to handle more mechanical pressure than a body with less weight. The more weight on the heel pad, more the chances of it getting cracked and so, obesity is more likely to induce this issue. Other than this, all the facts mentioned in the section of ’causes’ are capable of inducing this skin issue. What remain to be mentioned are the problems of poor body nutrition, excessive body heat and some skin allergies. Skin Care Basics, Skin Care Basics.
Poor nutrition deprives the body of its natural oils and lipids, thus bringing dryness from within the body. To combat such dryness, no amount of skin creams and moisturizers applied on the surface help, and the skin remains dry until it is supplemented with some real nutrition.
Some people also have the issue of excessive body heat. Such excess in body heat deprives the body of its moisture, making the skin extremely dry. Though there might be some metabolism related issues inducing this problem, the form of diet taken by them can also be the reason.If the skin is allergic to dust, pollution or any other thing, this can also cause heel cracks. PreventionPrevention of heal cracks in the very first place can save us form the extreme pain and complications in the long run. Here’s what you can do to prevent the occurrence of heel cracks:Scrub-off Dead Skin Daily: With a pumice stone, you should scrub-off the dead, dry and thick skin on the edges of the heel. While doing so, care should be taken to avoid irritation to parts which are already bruised or have broken skin. Moisturize the Feet Properly:The feet should be moisturized properly after you scrub the heel. This will keep the skin soft and supple and add to its elasticity, thus preventing heel fissures or skin breaks. Avoid Walking around Barefoot:Walking barefoot or exposure to air for longer duration deprives it of its moisture, thus affecting the sensitive skin of the feet adversely and causing it to damage. Keep the Body Hydrated:Also remember, the outer layer of the body would remain hydrated only when it is hydrated from within. So, to keep the body properly hydrated, drink enough water everyday. Avoid Prolonged Contact of the Feet with Harsh Soaps and Detergents:The chemicals in harsh soaps and detergents very easily damage our sensitive skin, making it dry and rough. Such dry and rough skin is naturally very prone to easy damage. TreatmentCracked heels can also be cured with personal treatments. The following methods can be followed to treat this condition on a personal front:Apply proper moisturizer on the feet twice a day. For this, you should use an oil based moisturizer if you naturally have dry skin.Scrub the dry, hard skin on the heel edges with a pumice stone daily during a bath or at night.After scrubbing the heel, apply a proper moisturizer to it and wear clean socks before going to bed. This will help retain the moisture.If the cracks are not very deep and they are out of dryness, not because of any other allergy and you are not diabetic, you can clean your feet with a mild soap or shampoo at night and apply a crack filling lotion that is generally available at any medical store. After doing this, you should again wear clean socks before going to bed to avoid dust getting accumulated on the cream, leading to othe skin issues rather than making the condition better.Never try using a razor or blade to cut the thick skin on heel edges. This might induce serious skin problems and unnecessarily bring cuts and bruises.
If there is still no recovery or the conditions becomes worse and if you are a diabetic patient, it is very necessary that you visit a podiatrist. The podiatrist’s treatment may involve some or many of the following practices:Understanding the root of the problem by lab discussion or lab tests in some cases to address the problem properlyClinically remove the extra layers of hard, dead skin, without which, the cracks will not healPrescribe a proper ointment or moisturizing cream for the feetAdvice about the type of footwear to be chosen if the type of sole in the footwear is causing the issueIn very extreme cases, a heel cap may be advised to stop further expansion of the cracks and edges of the heel. Skin Care Basics, Skin Care Basics.
The problem of cracked heels might not look very serious at first and may also seem easy to work on. But as the condition starts getting worse, the situation becomes difficult to handle. Deep cuts may be induced in the heels making them very painful. Not only pain is the issue, they look bad. In fact, our feet and toes are the body parts which can be very easily taken care of. Even in case of any skin problem on our feet and toes, a bit of care and some medication work very well. So if you ignore them, it is very likely that you are ignoring other sensitive parts of your body as well. So, help yourself and take care. allskincaretips | September 20, 2012 | Leave your commentMenopause is a very dominant phase in the lives of adult women. Just as the body changes its biological cycle, it starts releasing less female hormones and its response to many processes related to body metabolism lowers down. This brings huge effect on women, both physically and mentally. Menopause is generally also the phase when women are left alone, their children start living separately or leave for education or jobs and life partners may also leave. This emotional breakdown comes along with physical turmoils and so menopause can become very difficult to handle if proper care is not taken. Skin Care Basics, Skin Care Basics.
Menopause is accompanied with many body issues like lowered metabolism, weakness in bones, tiredness, etc., among many others. Along with body issues like these, what add to the tensions are the many skin issues that come along. Loosening of skin, skin pigmentation, dry skin, patchy skin, adult acne, thinning of hair, etc., are some of the most common issues that women face as they approach this phase of their life. One of the many important problems from this set of issues is the issue of dry skin, which we are going to discuss in the following piece of writing.
Though it might sound a bit shallow to give your time and care to skin care when you have other important issues like frequent mood swings, temperature surges and many other body problems, the reason why we say skin care is important in this phase is that it can help you overcome a lot of frustration that comes along with skin issues in this age. Dry skin is something that can trigger many other skin issues and if you are able to combat it in the very first place, you would be able to avoid many other issues as well. Working out the issue of dry skin can start by understanding the reasons behind it and then applying measures to avoid it in the first place or treat it if it still prevails. There are many reasons that contribute to this issue of dry skin, turning it from supple to scaly. Some of the most commonly known are listed below:Less Female Hormones: It might be known to most of you that menopause brings a huge decline in the estrogen levels of women bodies. As the body is deprived of estrogen, an important female hormone that has its effect on much of a woman’s body including normal metabolism, hair, skin, bones, reproductivity and other body parts, the oil glands in the skin also become less effective. So, the natural moisture in the skin that is maintained by these natural oils is reduced and the skin becomes dry. Decreased Collagen Levels: As estrogen starts to reduce, so does the collagen in our skin. Collagen is an element in the skin that makes it soft and firm. Now that the collagen is less and the skin is also short of its natural oils, it is very likely to become dry. Smoking and Drinking: It should be very well understood that the body at this age is not as strong as it was in your young age. The body in fact becomes more susceptible to metabolism issues. A lower rate of metabolism makes it difficult to digest enough alcohol. Not only this, alcohol and smoking deprive the skin of its natural moisture and the skin becomes dry and appears dull. Frequent Sun Baths/Direct Exposure: While sun bath can be considered as a good rescue to dull skin and you might like the sun-kissed and somewhat bronze skin complexion that comes as a result of frequent sun baths, this can affect your skin in the after years when the same sun-kissed lovely looking skin starts looking crinkly. The already dry skin in your menopausal phase will only become worse with direct exposure to the sun.Fighting Dry Skin in MenopauseThrough hormonal imbalance may cause trouble to your skin in the menopausal phase, there are many ways to tackle the issue properly. So, a bit of care and proper maintenance are all that you need to save yourself from skin troubles. There are many options which can lead your skin to its healthy phase, making it moisturized and vibrant. You can follow the following skin care tips to make your fight against dry skin easy.Moisturize the Skin Frequently A better way to keep the skin from drying up is to keep it properly moisturized, especially when you are using a harsh cleanser to wash your body, your skin will get more dry. The skin does not naturally have a lot of natural oils left in it due to menopause; a harsh cleanser will deprive the skin of those remaining too. So, say no to harsh cleansers and moisturize the skin form tip-to-toe after you take a bath. Also, keep on applying moisturizer after frequent intervals to ensure that the skin retains moisture for a longer duration. Exfoliation Exfoliation is the best way to scrub off the dry, dead upper layer of skin cells which make the skin look dull. Exfoliation also helps the skin in absorbing the moisture and essential oils from the creams and lotions you apply to it. Dead skin cells cannot absorb this moisture to let it reach to the lower skin layers and make skin deeply moistorized. Even if you apply moisturizer frequently to such dead skin, it will turn dry very quickly, as the moisture cannot be retained by the dead skin cells. So, exfoliate the skin properly and frequently. For doing this, you can use a scrub that is gentle enough, but still has the power to rub-off the dry, dead scales.Sunscreen While you moisturize the skin, opt for a moisturizer that is rich in sun protection formula. You can definitely take care to keep the skin shielded from direct sunlight, but there has to be an immediate protecting layer on the skin. This protective layer helps in shielding the exposed part of skin from the harmful rays of sun. Be sure that whenever you step out in the sun, cover your skin properly with a thick layer of sun-screen moisturizing lotion.* Keep the Body Hydrated While the above mentioned skin care tips are quite effective, they work only when they are supported by some inner body moisture. Drink lots of water and eat food that is rich in natural oils and other important body fluids. A healthy body is very essential to help any beauty product work and so it is very essential that you keep your body properly hydrated. Skin Care Basics, Skin Care Basics.
Entering a new phase of your life does not necessarily mean that you have to loose all your routine well being. Same applies to skin as well. There might come issues, but there are sure shot remedies for all of them. With huge progress in the field of skin care, you can very effectively fight all your skin related issues; just a bit of extra care and precaution is needed.allskincaretips | September 19, 2012 | Leave your commentThose who travel a lot have many things to worry about. Flight delays, all kinds of hotels, changing weathers, food and water all take a toll on the overall health of frequent travelers. When health is so easily affected, how can the skin do well? And it surely gets affected for worse. So frequent travelers need to take good care of their skin as they are on-the-go. Having a few good skin care tips can help you stay out of the numerous skin problems you may have to face as you are on the move.
An out-of-town business trip would definitely bring jet-lags and restlessness out of sleepless nights, but even in this condition if you want to look bright and vibrant, all you need is healthy skin. If a lot of your time goes in traveling, there is a need to prepare a proper skin care regimen specifically for your time spent away from your home. To follow such regimen while away from home, it is very necessary that you carry all the stuff required for your skin care regimen along with you. This would help you to stay away from any new skin issues arising from the changes in skin care products you are used to. Check that You’ve Got All You NeedJust as you check other important things to carry during traveling like your passport, visa, wallet, credit cards, watch and other stuff, take out some time to check if you have packed all important skin care products too. Giving prior attention to check what you can carry, what amount of the stuff is needed and if the product is available in packages of size just as much as you need will save you some time and fuss at the last moment. Also, check that you’ve taken only as much stuff as you need otherwise you’ll have to waste time and find an extra bag to carry the stuff. Once you know all that is important for your time on the move, you’ll easily manage stuff that would help you to take care of your skin when you are away from your home. Shop SmartIf you take a bit of care and shop smartly, you’ll find out that you can limit the list of your skin care products to very few important ones that will suffice all your needs. Here are some of products that are quite essential for skin care:Moisturizer/Sun Screen Lotion: You never know how much you would be required to be under the sun during your travel, so having a moisturizer with a good SPF ratio will help you to screen your skin from the harmful sun rays. Even if you wish to skip a dedicated sun screen lotion, a good moisturizer with sun screen elements would be very beneficial.Cleansing Wipes: Cleansing wipes come as a great rescue to wipe off the dust and excess oil on your face and cleanse it thoroughly even when you cannot find water or don’t have time to follow a proper cleansing regimen for the skin.Facial Foam with Scrub: Always avoid soaps for washing the face. Use a facial foam instead, which is less harsh on the facial skin. While traveling, a facial foam with contents of a scrub would be very beneficial. While you travel, your face would be covered with a layer of dust and other harmful chemicals in the form of the pollutants around us. So, a facial foam with elements of scrub in it would be very beneficial.Face Cream/Lotion: Don’t forget to carry a face cream or lotion you generally use on a daily basis. The face needs proper moisturization and the cream would serve the purpose of providing the same. But having a cream that you always use would deprive you of any side effects that might come with the use of any new products.Lip Balm: A lip balm can be very useful and needs very small space. You can always carry one in your purse to give that plum, fresh look to your lips.Any other Skin Cream Prescribed by Your Dermatologist: If your dermatologist has prescribed you some cream or ointment for the skin, don’t forget to carry it along with you. If you break the routine of applying the ointment to your skin even for a few days, the process of recovery gets halted and is hard to regain. Check the Packaging:Avoid spilled out creams, lotions, perfumes and other skin products. Take some time to check that all the skin care products you carry along are properly packed and that all that you are carrying is ideal for traveling. Here are some tips to avoid this mess of dealing with spilled stuff:-Put liquid products like oil, shampoo or shower items in separate plastic bags-Check the flips and tube covers if they are loose. If they are, put tape over them.If you are refilling smaller bottles with shampoo or conditioner from big bottles, take care that you fill them enough with the product. Otherwise, you’ll have hard time in getting it out if it is less.-If you are finding it difficult to refill the smaller bottles, buy a small funnel that you would very easily get in the kitchen section of any grocery store. They are inexpensive and very useful.-Avoid glass bottles for any of your product.-Take care of the powder compacts as they have the tendency to break very easily. Instead, you can carry loose powder that comes in packages of any size you want; they are pretty handy. Try to Retain the Natural Moisture of Your Skin The skin is already under a lot of stress while you travel. It gets exposed to various climates and is very easily deprived of its natural moisture. Try and stay hydrated, both from inside your body as well as outside. Drink a lot of water, fresh fruit juices and strictly avoid alcohol or alcoholic drinks. Apply moisturizer over the skin just before you leave for your air journey, as air travel can very easily and hugely dehydrate the skin. Consider Climatic ConditionsIf you are going to a place where the climatic conditions are different from the place you are generally used to live, you might need to take extra care of the skin. You need to consider the climatic conditions you are going to face and plan your skin care regimen and choose products accordingly. If the place you are going to visit is hot and humid, you must take some more moisturizing stuff along. If the place you are visiting is humid, you might need light skin care products that are less in moisturizing oils.Keep the Hair Simple Don’t experiment much with your hair. Keep your hair care regimen limited to only a few of basic things like shampooing and conditioning. Carry a hairspray if you wish or a de-tangling hair solution. If you feel you would not find time to wash the hair frequently, carry a small sized dry shampoo that can be very useful. Still, take care that you wash the hair at-least once in a couple of days. The pollution and dust would otherwise lead to dandruff, hair fall and hair breakage.A tiny hair dryer that needs very small space, but is as powerful as a big hair dryer would be a boon if you love to wash your hair daily. Also, carry your own hair brushes; they are small and can easily fit in your handbags. These hair styling tools, if chosen of the right size, would not take much space in your luggage and can be very helpful while you travel.Think Small for a ChangeYou do not have to carry bottles of every product you need. Now-a-days, everything you need comes in the form of towelettes, easy to handle, small sized, and spill-proof and contain things just as much as you need. You can carry towelettes of your skin cream, moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen lotion, make-up remover and everything else you can think of. There are small sized packs of everything you need. When you are out shopping someday, watch-out for the small kits having pre-packed collection of all the beauty products you need. Keep this stuff in a drawer or separate bag so that the next time you are traveling, you know where to look for the proper things for your skin care.
If you pack your luggage well and have small sized options ready of everything you need, you would not have to leave anything behind just for the sake of saving space. Do a bit of planning and rest assured that you have with you everything you need to keep your skin healthy. Remember, a healthy skin is very important to be self-confident and the confidence itself makes a person bright and beautiful. allskincaretips | September 19, 2012 | Leave your commentDiapers might come as a rescue to new parents. They deprive them of all the stains and stinks on bed sheets and clothes that would have otherwise been a headache had diapers not been invented. Just wrap them and throw them away, no need to deal with the actual dirt. But diapers are not always very comforting. Think from the child’s front for a while if the kid wetted the diapers at night and you forgot to check or change, the kid will have to sleep with all the wetness whole night long or until you check. A baby’s skin is very delicate and diapers, along with all the chemicals they seem to soak in the form of urine and stool, affect the skin adversely if not taken care, thus bringing blemishes and rashes.
While rashes can bring concern to new parents and are also in-fact a bit upsetting, there’s no need to worry a lot. Diaper rashes are the most common skin issues that trouble over one-third of all infants. With a little bit of care, correct diagnosis and treatment, you can easily prevent them from occurring again to your child. Here we have the ways to identify the condition and treat it properly according to the extent of its harshness in the following excerpt: Identifying RashesDiaper rashes are red and raised skin patches and at times puffy, tender looking skin in diaper covered areas like thighs, genitals and butt. Diaper rash is amongst the most commonly occurring skin ailment recurring in infants between the age of four to fifteen months. The kid seems to make more fuss than usual especially while you are changing the diapers or when you touch the affected areas.
Diaper rashes are limited mostly to a red rash and irritation on the affected parts and can be treated at home in such cases. But when you see no progress with household remedies on the rashes and they get transformed to widespread rashes with pus or other discharge through them and the child develops boils, blisters or a fever, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Causes of Diaper RashesDiaper rashes can appear due to a lot of reasons, but expert studies say that a combination of many possible factors can be the reason inducing them. The following are some of the known factors triggering diaper rashes:Contact with urine and stool for longer duration: A soiled diaper has moisture and ammonia that comes from the urine and stool of your child. When such soiled diapers are not changed for a longer duration, the moisture and ammonia can affect the sensitive skin of your baby. The simplest way to avoid this is by minimizing the time your baby is wearing a soiled diaper. Diet Change: Studies say that the food eaten by a breastfeeding mother affects the composition, frequency and consistency of the infant’s urine and stool. Also, at around the age of four months, infants start eating solid foods also triggering the change in their urine and stool. These changes in the composition of urine and stool can very easily trigger rashes. Antibiotics: The antibiotics taken by the breastfeeding mother of the infant can well be the reasons for such rashes. If you feel the antibiotics are causing the problem, you can speak to your doctor and seek help. Soaps and Detergents: The soaps used for baby baths or the detergent used to wash cloth diapers can very easily create rashes if the chemicals in these soaps and detergent are harsh for the baby. Try switching the brands of these soaps and detergent and if they were the reason for causing rashes, the rashes will very easily stop occurring with this simple change in their brands. Diaper and Baby Wipe Brands: Diapers also have some chemicals to better absorb the urine and stool and some fragrances tonullify the foul smell. These chemicals can also affect the sensitive skin of your kid. Try changing the brands of these diapers and baby wipes with some fragrance-free brands for a change and see if it works. Also, see that the diapers are not too tight for the kid. Heat: The plastic in the diapers increase temperature and moisture inside the diaper. Such conditions help the growth of microbes like many bacteria, which very easily feed on the urine and stool. So, take care that the diaper areas are kept cool and dry. Sensitive Skin: Diaper rashes are most likely to affect infants who have extra sensitive skin or who have skin problems like dermatitis or eczema. Bacterial Attack: Rashes that occur due to bacterial attack appear a bit different from general rashes. In this case, the common red rashes transform into small fluid-filled bumps that may appear yellow in color. Such case needs to be treated with an antibiotic or needs urgent medical attention. Treating Diaper RashesDiaper rashes can be troublesome but they are not generally a lot to worry about. They are not very serious and can be remedied at your home as well. Rashes which are not very severe respond quite quickly to the remedies and precautions and changes in the simple way you put a diaper for your child. You can choose to act on your own with a bit of care and home-based remedies but as soon as you feel that things are going out of your hands, choose to consult a paediatrician. In the meanwhile, this is what you can do:Lotions and Ointments: You can choose to apply mild lotions and ointments that can curb the moisture and the reaction caused by the chemicals present in the child’s urine and stool. There are many such mild creams and lotions available in market from which you can choose one by consulting a paediatrician. With such a handy lotion, you’ll not have to rush to the doctor every time you find rashes on your child’s skin. Antifungal Medications and Mild Hydrocortisone: These are the most commonly prescribed medicines in cases of worse diaper rashes. You can always call the paediatrician if you find conditions worse or the rashes have given rise to a fever. A paediatrician can correctly examine and prescribe the right treatment, mostly which is the medication mentioned above. If the specific cause of the rash is determined, it can be easily treated without getting any worse. Infants younger than eight weeks need to be taken special care as the skin is very delicate in this age and a simple rash or just the beginning of them can prove to be a trigger of a worse situation and so, it is better to consult the paediatrician before applying any house-hold remedies. Prevention from Diaper Rashes Child skin is very sensitive and so, what you think is just the beginning of a rash can get to a serious condition. One incidence of a simple rash can lead to another and so, you should take care that the first rash does not occur at the very first place. Once the skin becomes susceptible, it can become a recurring case and so, you need to take care to prevent rashes. Here are some simple tips to make sure that the rashes do not appear even once to your kid:Change Your Way and Time of Changing the Diapers:Take care that you keep on changing the diapers frequently and while removing, you remove them with little extra care. The plastic cover may have some rough edges that might create irritation and so when you remove the diapers, take care that such rough edges do not irritate the kid and make rough contact with the skin. Also, you can rinse the area with warm water and ensure that it is completely dry before you put another diaper to your baby. Better keep the area uncovered for some time before you put another diaper and let the skin get some air. Change the Brands:You can switch between sizes and brands or the type of material used for the diaper. The change in size can allow a bit more airiness to the child and if you always used a diaper with plastic material, a switch to cotton based diaper can give some relief to the sensitive baby skin. Also, say no to perfumed detergents for washing cotton diapers and use very soft baby soaps.
Generally, diaper rashes can be cured within a few days. But even after taking all the care if you still don’t find an improvement in the situation, you should not take time to see a paediatrician. The doctor will be the best person to analyze the situation and prescribe the right treatment. If you see progress, don’t worry about the rash, it is one of the most commonly occurring skin problems in infants and is not very worrisome. allskincaretips | September 17, 2012 | Leave your comment

With age come a lot of changes in our physique and personality. The skin starts showing the signs of aging and becomes loose with apparent lines and wrinkles. The skin complexion also changes;from the earlier bright, radiant skin tone, it becomes dull and lifeless and for the concerned souls all these things are like a mark to the start of journey towards the end of life. While aging is inevitable, and it is also true that everyone is going to die someday, accepting the fact the signs of aging is also an inevitable part of the process of aging. From being attractive at some phase of life to start being not much attractive naturally can be worrisome. But I feel that with age comes a lot of skin relief if you think of skin changes in the other way round and while you might have loved your skin when young, you may also find reasons to praise it when you are aging. Here are some of the reasons why many people embrace their aging skin:Less Acne, Sweat, Body Hair and Oil With aging, the body starts producing less of everything, i.e. less digestive juices as well as nutritious juices. This can be worrisome, and you may need to start taking medical help to make things normal. However, less production of things like sweat, body hair and oil is actually a good thing. When you are young, you vow for the less occurrence of these things and also take up measures to help things out; but as you age, these things naturally reduce and so, just as aging might bring its set of issues, it can be reliving as well. Less Acne: Acne, you would agree, is the most common skin disaster, and it occurs quite commonly when you are young. Mostly, during your adolescence, you might have yourself struggled hard to fight with the acne but not after you cross your thirties. It is quite common that acne starts reducing and you’ll very rarely have to deal with it. For the occasional blemishes; however, there are many good products in the market that might work for you.Less Sweat: The sweat glands of our body start to become inactive, or most correctly stated, become less active with age. This brings us relief from wetness and body odor. While this is a sign of relief in its own, it also comes with its own set of issues like dryness and increased body temperature. So, keep in mind to drink lots of water throughout the day and especially when you are exposed to the heat for a larger time than usual. In this way, while the skin is losing its natural wetness, you can try to keep it hydrated on your own. Less Oil: Just like our sweat glands, the oil producing glands of our body start becoming less active. Women start facing this problem typically after their menopause. This might come as a relief for the ones who have always faced skin issues regarding oily skin. But it should be remembered that this issue of dry skin needs more attention than your usual care for oily skin. As the skin naturally stops making attempts to keep itself nourished with essential oils (or rather it is unable to do so), you might have to turn to good moisturizers to make things happen. Less Body Hair: Hair is expected to reduce with age. So, the overall amount of all your body hair as well as facial hair greatly reduces. But you might need to deal with the coarseness of the remaining hair. There are also many good products in the market that deal with this issue.If you start looking at the other side of the coin, you would definitely find it easy to deal with the issue quite confidently. There have been scientific studies which say that old age also makes a person more satisfactory. The studies reveal that if a young person and an old person are going through the same experience, the older person will find ways to make the experience more uplifting. Life’s experiences make a person wise and so, a more positive outlook towards life easily helps bring a charm to the face that no beauty product can when we are young. With old age, small moments of happiness seem very uplifting and moments of sadness seem easy to tackle with.
Young age not only brings happiness, it also has its set of drawbacks as well. You struggle with a lot of issues regarding your image and personality. Age teaches you how to be confident with what you have or the way you are. With no regrets about the self image or personality, one can be more confident with every move in life. A feeling of self-acceptance starts growing and with it comes huge confidence. With age, you learn to keep aside the insecurities about your look and start looking at the positive features. This might be a reminder of how unique, special and differently beautiful we are, thus making life more beautiful. Age surely brings its set of worries but when you are set to deal with them too in a positive way, you will find yourself glowing from within, which would indirectly bring a glow on the outside.

If this is less, let me remind you of one more very useful thing with age and that is experience. Over the time of your attempts to understand what suits your skin and what not, you get to know subtly what the best treatment is or what best products for your skin are. The young age goes in making experiments, but as you age, you know exactly what to apply for best results. Anti aging Skin Care Tips Now that we have seen many reasons to embrace aging and the skin that comes along, let us now have a look at some useful skin care tips to tackle the most common skin issues:Change in Complexion: You can turn to some natural therapies and start making use of more homemade fruit facials and masks to address the issue of change in complexion. With age, the natural glow of the skin might get less visual, but with a few attempts, you can help yourself and look radiant. You can also make changes in your make-up. Choose different shades of make-up products to suit your current complexion to make it look adorable rather than turning to chemicals in name of skin whitening creams and lotions. Adult Acne: Women mostly struggle with the issue of adult acne though not as prevalent as in young age, during their menopausal phase. This happens due to the issue of fluctuating levels of body hormones, which trigger many other issues related to health in women. While these natural issues cannot be controlled, you can turn to a healthy diet to keep yourself strong and healthy. You can follow the basic skin care regimen of cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing, but instead of choosing the age-old acne products you used while you were young, go for something that suits your age. Dark Circles: It is well known that with good sleep at night, less stress and healthy skin habits like banning alcohol and smoking help to eradicate dark circles. But the skin under our eyes is very sensitive; it is in fact the most sensitive part of our face and so, with old age, this skin starts to lose its moisture and glow and becomes dark. The darkness under our eyes in old age does not go away easily with a good night’s sleep or less stress. You can tackle the issue by using a good under-eye lotion or concealer to add those extra vitamins and extracts that help strengthen the under-eye skin and make it look healthier.Thinning Eyebrows: While less hair can come as a rescue for people struggling with facial hair, it can also be a problem when with other facial hair, you eyebrows also start thinning. If you are facing this issue, you can choose some conditioning solution that will nurture your eyebrows and promote new hair growth.

Aging does not have to be difficult. The way you take it can make many things easier for you. Yes, you might have to take extra care to make things healthier, but if you act smartly and correctly, choose things that would suit you; you would be able to face your age and the world with much confidence. You can choose to update your wardrobe and start switching to things that look decent for your age. Trying the latest fashion trends might not be a very good idea if it leaves you being awkward. Get some inspiration from the celebrities of your age at least who look of your age or get some advice from a trendy friend of your age. Say no to heavy make up, as it only helps to darken your lines and blemishes.

Accessorize your attire with some trendy accessories, but use sober designs and shades. Choose the right shades of lipsticks, nail-colors and other make-up products. You don’t need to neglect your flair for anything you like, accessories or make-up products, just make the right choices, and you are all set to face your age with more confidence.

Thanks to the superficial society that we live in today, concerns about things like skin care are on more demand than health care. Believe it or not now, any normal person is more concerned about his/her looks than about the health. With the modern day advances in the science of skin care, many medicines have emerged and are also in huge demand throughout the world. The medicines promise you an ageless face by stretching back your loosened muscles to make the face look tight, just like it looked when you were once young (at least the products are advertised in the same way…)

I fear in the near future, everyone would look of the same age, now that aging can be stopped so easily…Wait, did you just said yes? Do you really feel all those medicines will really help you do better with your skin? Is it possible to have an ageless, tight, beautiful face all your life? Maybe, but medicines are surely not a way to do so. Just as they have their effect, they also have a lot of side effects. Medicines are like shortcuts, they show the way out but are deadly dangerous. Falling for this or staying away from it, obviously remains your choice; if I am given the choice, I will take the longer way.
Everyone loves to look younger, having good and radiant skin is one way of making this possible but not at the cost of your health. Not necessarily. We are here to help you find out good options for taking care of your skin, without having to inject any needles filled with chemicals through your face.
This site will provide you with simple but effective techniques to flaunt a healthy skin. Techniques that are time tested, trusted and very effective. According to the skin types, according to your age, according to the place you live, you would have various kinds of skin related problems. We will help you tackle them, with very less effort.
Skin care does not depend upon the products applied on the skin, the various chemicals in-fact, damages the outer layer of the skin. Skin problems like acne, patches, black-heads, white-heads uneven skin-tone and many more depend upon what goes inside the stomach, the nutrition your body gets, your metabolism and many other things that cannot be cured with the chemicals you are applying on the skin. Skin care, so, is a very daunting task and all you need to do is take due care of your body. The ways to do so, are covered in various articles throughout the site. You will definitely find something that would suit your case and would be beneficial.
Through the different sections presented here, we will bring you an array of ways to help you out of your skin problems. We will also cover points that will help you understand the need to say no to these medicines.

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